A Night at the Opera

Phinneus is out of place in this environment. He plays the part well, but trying to fit into this world is not something he does well, nor is it something he plans to do for too much longer. In a little under two hours, he'll hopefully be as far away from this town as possible.

Phinneus has reason to be so uncomfortable. The town of Lindure is a vicious city. Founded on the wealth of the largest gold rush ever seen on the continent of Seldan, the town expands constantly. Having reached the waters of the Starfall Ocean, the town began expanding into the waters, creating it's own land where none existed before. When it's citizens got tired of having to cross the great expanse of the city, they began to build up, using the lucrative skills of contractors that specialize both in building and arcane. The gold is long gone, this is no longer a city where one comes to try to obtain their fortune…it's a city one comes when he or she wishes to use their fortunes.

Phinneus had no fortune. Phinneus had a humble life far away from the towering spires constructed of spell and stone. But he hid this fact well as he took his seat in the back of the Lindure Opera House. He tries to read the program for the show he is about to see, but it is written in a long dead language. Phinneus hopes he can last through two hours of this. As the curtain opens, he takes in all the sights: Performers singing in strange, beautiful languages, snobbish people all around him. Above him are private balconies, where the richest of the rich lord their earnings over the peasants below.

From what Phinneus can gather, the show is about a man who makes a deal with someone powerful for wealth, to try to impress a beautiful elf. He tries to read more into it, but quickly bores of the show, and begins to take more interest in the people around him. Their lives are far more interesting…the rich man with a woman who is quite clearly not his wife, the family with a young boy, as bored as he is, and of course the men in their balconies. His gaze constantly finds them, wondering what they did to get into such power. A pain hits Phinneus as he scouts the crowd…lunch must not be agreeing with him.

Phinneus stumbles out of his seat, the pain starting to overwhelm him. As he barges out of the door, he crashes into a man walking down from balcony stairwell. He apologizes, and quickly gets directions to the rest room. Rushing in, he breaths a massive sigh of relief as he enters the stall.

He exits to the sound of argueing. "I swear I am supposed to be here! I must of left my ticket with my wife! Please let me just go get her." The guard at the balcony stairwell motions for security, and two large dragonkin grab the man, throwing him into the street. Phinneus calmly approaches the man, presenting a ticket from vest. The guard is skeptical at first, but knows better not to question the patrons from the balcony, quickly opening the velvet rope.

Phinneus walks with a swagger, knowing he shouldn't be where he is. But alas, he is here, in the upper echelon of society. He walks until he reaches the end of the hall, Balcony 23A. He calmly steps in, his presence confident. The man occupying the balcony looks up for just a brief moment. "Who are you? You're not…"

As the star opera singer hits her applause drawing high note, a wire quickly silences the man. Phinneus pulls tightly, and drops the man to the ground. As the last ounce of fight leaves the man, Phinneus spots what he came for wrapped around the man's neck. He carefully removes it…a crystal, etched with a mysterious blue light, and secures it into his belt pouch. He may not be a wealthy man…but by god he's going to be.

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