East of Selden - Homecoming

The Characters
Daenor Featherfall - Human Monk (Jared)
Armsta Lu - Shardmind Ardent (Mike)
Hallveren - Elvish Invoker (Keith)
Craytus - Shifter Warden (Shane)

Recent Events
The ESTC is beaten back by a sudden wave of hostility from the islanders. The dragons, Melune and Naya, lead their native peoples against the invaders and they retreat.

The characters sail to the port of Mantes in Bantelos with Sam the Sorcerer and then go their separate ways, whether back home or elsewhere in search of information about the crystals. They agree to meet in one year, back at the port of Mantes.

Sam - A master sorcerer helping the characters find out about the crystals.
Haden - A now deceased dragon trapped and tortured by his own brother.
Melune - Prince of Adosh, who disguised himself as Haden to win the trust of the PCs.
Naya - Princess of Adosh, revealed to be more willful and power hungry than she let on.
Rabble of Children - Street rats in Onnadi whose trust was won with Daenor's coin.
Winona - A psychopath turned pirate who tried to raid the PCs, only to need their help. Has become obsessively infatuated with Craytus.

Campaign Time-line

1 - The PC's arrive on the shores of an exotic island when the slave-ship they were contained in is broken apart by a storm. They are taken in by the natives, only to have to fight off their captors in a pitched battle in the jungles. After learning about the troubles on the islands, and trying to seek a way home, they then travel to Onnadi, the capital city of the Adoshen Islands.

2 - The PC's arrive at Onnadi and are led to a group of resistance fighters led by Haden (second son of Adoshi) against the ESTC. They are tasked with retrieving crystals from around the island chain, for they share a strange resistance to their destructive effects. These crystals are being sought after by the ESTC in order to take control of the islands. They make their way to north through the deep forests of the main island of Anderad by way of a series of Feylights, which can only be perceived by those inoculated with a smoked herb mixture. They arrive at a ruined temple and fight it's guardian to claim a mysterious crystal for the resistance fighters. The are then taken to the hideout of the guerrillas.

3 - At the hideout Haden explains to the characters that the crystals have been on the islands for longer than even the now slain King Adoshi, and that Adoshi used them to prolong his own life and to bring prosperity to the natives. He believes Melune, his brother, plans on seeking the crystals himself to either aid the ESTC or to gain power for himself, and he holds their younger sister Naya captive. He beseeches the characters to help him gather them, and they accept. They are given a craft and some supplies in order to pose as traveling merchants while they seek.

They first go to the island Ma'an to find the help of a sorcerer so they can retrieve a crystal from a sunken ruin. First, however, they had to solve a problem involving a dead mage and his eight heirs. After finding the true heir they are able to go to the temple and retrieve the crystal, though not before receiving a strange vision of the apparent ancient past; a great war involving strange weapons that ended with a crystalline falling star hitting and sundering the land.

4 - The PC's encounter pirates on their way back to the hideout with the crystal. The pirates begin to ransack their ship at the passive-aggressive behest of [[Winona]], their captain. They are attacked, however, by three slave barges of the ESTC. Winona bargains for their help in return for information involving the crystals.

They return to the hideout with Winona, their crystal, and two other crystals Winona had raided from slave-barges among the islands. Haden takes her into captivity (with anti-magic shackles like those worn by the slaves of the ESTC) and bids the characters to return to their search quickly, for the Company seems to be capturing them at an alarming rate.

The PC's head back to Onnadi on Anderad. On reaching port they see slave-ships harbored and Company soldiers milling about. A truce has been signed, it seems, between the Company and Melune. On the docks Armsta kills a shardmind soldier and takes his uniform in order to buy slaves from one of the barges. After freeing the slaves and gathering information from them, they make their way to the sewer entrance below the dock. Doing so causes the soldiers to confront them, but they are then mobbed by a group of children that Daenor had given gold to. Using the distraction the PC's hurry into the sewer.

Following signs and torches through the maze of sewers, they make it to an ancient stairwell leading into the ruin below. As they descend they hear voices, and Daenor goes ahead to eavesdrop. It is Melune and Naya, brother and sister of Haden. Naya asks of Melune; "Haden is playing his part?"
Melune smiles. "Of course." This puts Haden's involvement in everything under a suspicious light.


1 - TBA

Lands Visited

Anderad - The main island of the Adoshen Archipelago.

  • Onnadi - Capital city.
  • Ancient Ruin - Under the city of Onnadi are the intricate ruins of a great and ancient city.
  • The hideoute - On the north side of the island hidden in a cliff-side cavern is the hideout of the resistance forces attempting to stop the Company.

Ma'an - A small forested island where resides sorcerers and magic users.

  • Gann - Small village, the only of such on Ma'an.
  • Underwater Temple - A ruined structure that seems to have once been above water, but has since sunken into the briny deep.

An unnamed small southern island.

  • A holdfast on the island
  • A small village of fishermen and a wise woman on the island.

Bantelos - Kingdom State on the East coast of Selden

  • Mantes - Large port city and capital of Bantelos. Houses Castle Bantelos, huge city districts, and commands all trade that comes from the east.
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