Aglaina, the Foesbane

Dwarf Ardent - Nancy in The Kings of Krell Caverns


Aglaina, the Foesbane of Clan Ograd, was born the fourth child of King Torgrin of the Dwarven city Dulurin, and first child to his second Consort Olain the Shattershield. As the youngest of his heirs, Aglaina thought herself well out of the way of the throne. She focused much of her youth on her studies- she sought to make herself an asset to her clan and to her brother who would be king. Unlike her elder siblings, who had been fostered out to learn the arts of war and diplomacy in other noble households, Aglaina spent her childhood in her clan home. She grew here, learning of diplomatic and political machinations from her father while her mother tutored her in the ways of war.

Although Aglaina enjoyed a fairly peaceful upbringing, the latter part of her youth was tainted with the knowledge that there were those in the kingdom who sought to oust her clan from rule. The murmurs that had begun before she was even conceived had grown to plots and schemes. The nobles who opposed her father's right to rule sought to undermine his authority and turn his loyal followers from him. Aglaina's suspicions of her fellow nobles grew as she neared adulthood, and the death of her mother cemented her distrust. Although all in her mother's final battle party swore it was an orc blade which felled her, some intuition drew Aglaina's eye to the small wound in Olain's side when the soldiers bore her into the hall upon her shield. This burgeoning intuition burst forth in a flood shortly after her mother's funeral, and Aglaina spent several years afterward learning about and struggling with her newfound psionic abilities.

Upon the death of her father, Aglaina's siblings conferred the rights of the throne upon her. She, who had thought to spend her life supporting her eldest brother Hartig as king, had been shoved upon the throne. Her siblings claimed that she was the best suited among them to be a uniting figure for their people. They determined that her mother's lineage, her prowess in the political arena, and her psionic abilities gave her a stronger position to aid her clan. She reluctantly accepted the throne, knowing that if she managed to succeed in stabilizing the kingdom, she would be of no use to her elder siblings. They would feel duty-bound to their clan to remove her in the only way a King could be severed from the throne of Dulurin- through her death.




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