ANVIL - Episode 5

He Lives on Inside of Me (Keith GM - 1/16/13)

Geza…does not like the look of all of this.

"Let's take a talley of what we got. We have a scrap of paper that may contain some weird information, or may just be more lies from these damn bards. We have a member of Anvil that has been ripped to shreds because of this information, to try to save another member of Anvil who has been turned into a creature of nightmares. What's the plan here guys? Like, really, what are we doing?"

The warforged has been fashioned into a makeshift chest…or coffin, for the abomination that is Nat Spanish. You can hear the screams of the minotaur from inside….it's voice echoed by the high pitch wails of Nat.

Olenstra has been gracious enough to give the party a wagon, and…half…of what she possesses on her, in order for the group to leave and never return.

"Mace would have found that half fitting…" smirks Lips.

Making their way to Coldhedge, they come into the store of Nars and Nex, the goblin brothers.

"We have brought back Nat to you. We expect you to keep up your end of the bargain."

Nex pipes up. "Our brother has returned! Where is he?"

"He's…well…." mutters Donald.

"Is he dead?"


"SPLENDID! Where is he?"

Nex and the group make their way outside to the coffin. Geza reveals it, to Nex's horror.

There may be a way to save him…

An hour later, despite the attempts of Smaghead to leave the goblin brothers BACK in Coldhedge, Nex and Nars are on the wagon leading the party to a cave outside of town.

""There are caves just to the north. They used to belong to a terrible monster according to the old stories, but he was vanquished many many years ago by a brave warrior. In the monsters lair a door was found. That door leads to the Library. It was found during the battle with the beast…"

Finally, Smaghead could take no more. With a violent strike, he knocked Nars unconscious. Looking at Nex, all he manners to mutter is "Not…a…word."

Arriving at the cave, when asked about any traps they can face in the Library, Nex reluctantly gives up the information he had been hiding.

"We…have…not actually been to the Library. That is why Nat was sold out…he stole information from Olenstra." He produces a paper from his bag, ripped out pages of a journal.

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