The Elven Kingdom of Ardot is a glimmering ray of civilization on western Selden. Home to a wide array of races, Ardot has become a place for many to escape the stress of Lindure, the dangers of the Viking-lands of the North, and the wilderness of the east, and get back to a simpler way of life. Unfortunately, forces are at work even in this tranquil land, and not everyone is as they seem.


  • Xaryn - Elf Ranger (Shane)
  • Tyrion Stoicus- Dragonborn Paladin (Patrick)
  • Ori Vaultdigger - Dwarf Shaman (Mike)
  • Dori Treesmoker - Dwarf Druid (Jared)
  • Allandria - Human Sorceror (Adam)

The Wolf in Demonslayer's Clothing

Episode 1 - The Lucky Path

Episode 2 -

Episode 3 - (Keith GM - 9/3/10)

Episode 4 - No More Tears (Keith GM - 9/10/10)

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