Buildar's Armory

Storage facility for various means of defense located in the town of Buildar. Originally constructed to defend the "Defenseless Griswaldians." Currently being used to protect the city from the possibility of a Griswaldian threat. After the murder of his right hand man Mountainbeard, the armory was heavily sealed. Originally only Werric had access to the armory. Following the fall of Old Buildar, the remaining heroes of Buildar were granted access to the armory.

Current contents of the armory

The armory is home to a wide variety of armor and weaponry, dedicated to the protection of the town of Buildar. These include:

  • A wide range of mundane items, encompassing virtually anything anyone could ever want.
  • A potion crate has recently been constructed. Currently contained are:
    • A Potion of Clarity - Minor Action: Drink this potion and spend a healing surge. You do not regain hit points as normal, instead, once during this encounter as a free action, you can reroll a d20 roll you just made, gaining a +1 bonus on the roll.
    • A Potion of Mimickry - Minor Action: Drink this potion and spend a healing surge. You do not regain hitpoints as normal, instead, you alter your appearance through illusion, appearing as a specific humanoid creature within your line of sight. You gain the creature's attire, mannerisms, voice, and speech patterns. This effect lasts for 5 minutes or until you dismiss it. You gain a +5 bonus to bluff checks to pass yourself off as the creature you are imitating.
  • A jewelry box, containing:
    • A Ring of the Phoenix - After you die, or while you are dying, your body burns away to ash. On the start of your next turn, you appear in a burst of flame within 5 squares of your last location with a number of hit points equal to your healing surge value. If you've reached one milestone today, the burst of flame surrounding your return is retreated as an attack: Close Burst 2, Constituion + 6 or Charisma + 6 vs. Reflex, target takes 4d10 + Constituion or Charisma modifier fire damage on a hit, half on a miss.
    • A Ring of Retreat - Power (Daily), standard action. You teleport to a predetermined location, set into the ring at it's creation. This location cannot be determined through examination of the ring. For up to ten hours after, you can spend another standard action to teleport back to your original location. You can reset a ring's target location with the Enchant Magic Item ritual. The component cost of this ritual is 32,500 gold. If you've reached up to two milestones today, you can teleport yourself and up to 7 allies.
  • Various armor stands, containing:
    • Boots of Withdrawl - If you are bloodied and make no attacks on your turn, gain a +4 item bonus to speed, AC, and reflex defense until the end of your next turn.
    • Boots of Stealth - Gain a +2 item bonus to Stealth checks.
    • Bloodsoaked Bracers - Power (Daily): Use this power while you are bloodied. Gain a +5 power bonus to melee damage rolls until the end of the encounter or until you are no longer bloodied.
    • Five sets of Dragonscale armor (One White, Blue, Green, Black, and Red) - Scale mail armor, provides +4 to AC, gives 10 resist to the appropriate color (Black is acid, Blue is Lightning, Green is Poison, Red is Fire, White is Cold). Each set has an associated Daily power.
      • Black: Free action, use this power when you hit a target with a melee attack. You shroud yourself in wisps of shadow that last until the end of your next turn. You gain concealment. Any enemy that hits you with a melee attack while this power is in effect takes acid damage equal to 1d6 + Constitution modifier
      • Blue: Free Action, Use this power when you hit a target with a melee attack. Two creatures other than the target of the attack that are within 5 squares of you take lightning damage equal to 1d8 + your Constitution modifier.
      • Green: Free action, Use this power when you hit a target with a melee attack. Close burst 2, centered on that target. Targets enemies, Constitution vs. Fortitude, on a hit, the target takes 1d6 + Constitution modifier poison damage and is dazed until the start of your next turn. On a miss, the target takes half damage and is not dazed.
      • Red: Free action, Use this power when you hit a target with a melee attack. It is immobilized and gains ongoing fire damage equal to 5 + your constitution modifier. (save ends both)
      • White: Free action, Use this power when you hit a target with a melee attack. The target and it's adjacent allies take additional cold damage equal to 1d4+ your constitution modifier.
    • A Set of Champions Armor (Missing) - Plate +2, Power (Daily): Immediate Reaction, use this power when you are hit by an attack. Gain temporary hit points equal to the damage you take until the end of your next turn.
  • Various weapon stands, containing:
    • A Bloodguard Shield (Missing) - Power (Daily): Immediate interrupt, use this power when a critical hit is scored against you. Gain resist 5 to all damage until the end of your next turn.
    • A Staff of Gathering - Staff +2, does an extra +1d6 damage on critical hit, Power (Daily): Immediate interrupt. Use this power when you take damage from an attack with fire, force, lightning, necrotic, or radiant keyword. You take half damage from the attack. You gain a +2 power bonus to attack rolls and a +10 power bonus to damage rolls with your next attack that has the arcane and implement keywords.
    • A Righteous Sword (Missing)- Longsword +2, does an extra +1d6 damage (or +1d8 damage against evil creatures) on critical hit. Power (Daily): Free action, use this power when you hit with the weapon. The target is dazed until the end of your next turn. If the target is evil or chaotic evil, the target is instead dazed (Save ends).
    • A Blade of Night - Short Sword +3, on critical hit blinds the target until the end of your next turn. Power (Daily), minor action, use this power to create a zone in a close burst of 2. The zone blocks line of sight and lasts until the end of your next turn.
    • A Battlemaster's Bow - Longbow +3, does +1d6 damage on a critical hit, Power (Daily): Minor Action. You regain the use of one encounter power.
  • A Vault, containing the cities coffers (Currently contains 25,000 gold)
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