Arsissa Lacuna

The leader of Halton in a completely unofficial capacity, as Halton has no government in the classic sense. Still the citizens of the town have grown comfortable with this popular performer speaking on their behalf. Known to be the embodiment Halton, the former lover of Willy Clark Griswald is open to all cultures and races. Arsissa was the only reason that The Circus of Blood came to town, after months of negotiating with the seclusive Vampire Clan of Stabak. Unfortunately an assassin attempted to incite a riot during the vampire performance and Arsissa was mortally wounded. Ironically it was only through the vampire presence that Arsissa was able to be saved… by accepting the curse of vampirism. Still, the town of Halton welcomed Lacuna back with open arms, and she continues to show the world that "the spirit of unity that Willy was known for lives on in Halton".

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