Ashes of Bahamut

Traveling under the cloak of darkness does not befit Edgar Lighthammer. But it is something he has become accustomed too since the fall of Buildar. Hiding his armor under a mountain of rags, and the symbol of his station, a medallion of platinum in the shape of a dragon's claw, under it all, he has made his way from village to village, trying to hide from those that would seek him dead.

The order used to not be like this. The name of the Silver Scale used to carry reverence. But thanks to an unseen enemy, the order has been pushed to the brink. This culminated in the betrayal of a man Edgar once considered his friend, Seras. And ever since that day in Dorthone, Seras and his men have hunted and killed any that they see as a threat to the chaos that they have sparked on Taern.

Edgar seeks to fix this. Dorthone is his greatest failure, and he will not let that failure be the end of his legacy. Since coming out of hiding, he has traveled the continent trying to recruit good men, who can help fix the world. But almost everywhere he goes, he is met with skepticism. The name of the Order now longer carries weight, and his promises of protection are often scoffed at.

But he has done what he can. And now it is time for a homecoming…Edgar's return to Rastonia.

"I'm glad to see it's still standing" he mutters to himself, at the first glimpse of the massive Cathedral of Bahamut, the iconic symbol of the city.

What does surprise Edgar is the atmosphere in Rastonia. When he was last here, a sense of dread hung over the city. When he left for Buildar, the Order was desperate, trying to prevent any city that they could from falling into the chaos that was swirling through Taern. But the feeling in Rastonia now seemed joyful. Walking through the streets, Rastonia feels like it did in the old days. When Edgar and his brother were under the tutelage of Garthur. When Seras was his sparring partner. When Taern was at peace.

Entering the cathedral, a silver dragonborn is behind the altar. Berec the Stout, high priest of Bahamut.

"We have been awaiting your return Edgar. I have been awaiting it. Bahamut has sent me dreams, of fire and death. But in all the dreams, you emerge from the ashes unscathed. I am glad to see my visions were true."

"I need to speak with Emerson. Do you know where I can find him Berec?"

"Aye. He is at the training grounds with the new recruits."

"Emerson is training new recruits? Doesn't he have better matters to attend to?"

"With the waves of recruits we have received, everyone is having to help with training."

A puzzled look overtakes Edgar's face. Berec smiles. "You have been gone a long while Ser Edgar"

Berec leads Edgar to a courtyard contained within the walls of the cathedral. Emerson is there, training dozens of men and women, many dragonborn, on swordplay.

"Where did they all come from?"

"We are not the only ones to notice the chaos that has erupted. Men and women have been flocking to our city, determined to right that which is wrong on Taern. And with the return of Dragons to the continent, many dragonborn have appeared, wishing to serve their god."

Berec places his hand on Edgar's shoulder, and Edgar smiles. "The tide is turning brother. We were reduced to ashes, but even smoldering ashes can spark a flame."

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