Beinkt Frollihatch


Maslo Underfinch was born to poor gnomish immigrant parents in the Port city of Lamascus. His parents had escaped from slavery in a place they would only describe as "far across the sea". They lived a simple life making and selling shoes and boots in the gnomish neighborhood near the docks. They raised their two children to appreciate the freedom and liberty that had been kept from them for so long.

In their youngest son Maslo's case they gave him too much freedom. From an early age he roamed freely through the dockside streets, discovering how low he and his people fell in the socioeconomic hierarchy. He quickly fell in with a bad crowd that shared his lack of supervision and desire for the better things in life.

The gang was known as the Bluebottle Boys and the group of young gnomes preyed upon the many easy targets along the docks. Young Maslo grew up in this life of petty crime and mischief much to his parents dismay. As he grew his criminal abilities improved while the crimes of the gang grew in scope and severity. He served many roles in the gang: lookout, pickpocket, con man, bookie, but he never quite rose to prominence or a role of leadership. He was merely a soldier in an increasingly large criminal enterprise he knew as his true family.

Three months ago the leader of the gang, Hedgar Bluebottle, pulled him aside and made him a part of their biggest scheme to date. A shipment of exotic furs and leathers from across the continent would soon be arriving. The shipment of goods would be well guarded but the payments held in escrow at a local merchant guild hall had no additional guard. The plan would require both precise timing and pinpoint precision in order to have a chance at success.

The few frenzied days of planning and practice passed in a flash as the night of the heist arrived. The gnomes sneaked quietly into the hidden passage beneath the guild hall and awaited the appointed hour. They squeezed from the neglected closet and quietly entered into the main hall. Their movements were perfectly coordinated as sentries, traps and locks fell to the skilled thieves. Right on schedule the vault door lay before them. Maslo took his place at one of the three locks and he and his brothers simultaneously lifted the last pins and pulled open the heavy doors. The doors opened to reveal a bounty of gems and coins resting on a table within the vault.

As the gnomes rushed in to fill their pockets and bags, the guards sprung their trap. Crossbow bolts filled the air as heavily armed mercenaries leapt from the shadows. Maslo jumped into a chest and hid while the sounds of battle raged in the tight confines. The mercenaries were strong and skilled but numbers and the close quarters made the fight all but even against the diminutive gang and their sharp knives. He peeked out of his hiding spot only after all was quiet and surveyed the room.

The vault was a mad scene of blood, groaning bodies and scattered wealth. Without hesitation Maslo filled his pockets with coins, grabbed the biggest bag of treasure he could carry and ran, with muffled cries echoing out of the vault behind him. He kept running and before he knew it was on the outskirts of the city. He finally dared look into the bag and saw more wealth in gold and gems than he could have ever imagined. He looked once more at the city and left it behind.

He hemorrhaged his newfound wealth in alternating bouts of lavish excess and panicked flight. Someone was following. He changed his name in every town as he fled across the continent. Eventually he found he had traveled very far from the city of his birth. Only a pittance of his fortune remains as the gnome now calling himself Beinkt Frollihatch nears the town of Rosedale.


Acquisitive, jovial, lecherous, deceitful.


Age 24
3'7” tall
Hair color – blue (dyed)
Brown eyes
Large eyebrows

He generally wears a garish outfit of gray shoes with curled pointy toes, red and gold vertically striped trousers, a gray vest with gleaming brass buttons over a red shirt and a red hat with a gold band and black feather. Also includes a belt full of knives and a silver flask with a chain.

He also owns disguises as a common workman and a beggar.

Character Summary

Beinkt Frollihatch








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