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The stronghold of Bludchok'Hai was been a standing symbol of fear in the area surrounding it for several generations. The fort was first constructed by the Aztrak, which means "The Clan of Shadows" when roughly translated into Common. The Aztrak used the fort of Bludchok'Hai as a staging ground for their offensives against the people of the area, and made it a point to pillage any settlement in the area. Using both Orcish grunts and Orc and Troll warlocks, their armies would be nearly undetectable until they were already striking. They were defeated by an alliance between the local settlements and the Elves of Dorthone, but the giant stone fort remained.

Since the defeat of the Aztrak, until only a few years ago, the fort was nothing more than a resting spot for rogue orcs. However, the Ghâshtakh decided to put the old fort to use in their war against the elves, and vowed not to make the same mistake that their predecessors had.


  • Trugagh - Current leader of the orcish clan of Ghâshtakh, which resides in the stronghold of Bludchok'Hai. Short and stocky compared to most other orcs , yet very grizzled for his history of battle, Trugagh commands respect just by being in his presence. Very few orcs have ever dared to stand in Trugagh's way for anything, and all that have tried end up as food for the Wargs.
  • Kyth - General of the Ghâshtakh, brother of Trugagh, and the butcher of Bludchok'Hai. Kyth is one of the fiercest orcs in the Ghâshtakh clan, rumored to have killed more innocents than some adult dragons have. He is the orc that helped spark the war with the elves of Dorthone, and is the one that makes sure that the fire never goes out.
  • Thraka Gangraskull - If one orc can commando more fear among the rest of the clan of Ghâshtakh than Kyth, that orc is Thraka. Thraka was the first orc of the clan to master the use of magic. And while he has taught a few orcs the secrets of magic, creating the shamans of the tribe, no orc can command it's power in the way Thraka can. Part of the fear he commands among the orcs stems from this fact…he can do things most orcs don't even believe is possible. With Kyth you fear him, because you know what his blade can do. But the fear of the unknown always surrounds Thraka.
  • Kurwúrz - Currently responsible for aiding in the training of new orcs, Kurwúrz was once part of the raiding forces responsible for terrorizing the lands around the stronghold of Bludchok'Hai, including the small village of Gribale
  • Kelgore - A young orcish barbarian raised in the stronghold of Bludchok'Hai, Kelgore was disgusted to learn of his shameful heritage. During a raid on Gribale, Kurwúrz kidnapped several human women. Kelgore was the result of one of those wicked unions. He has since left the stronghold in search of his identiy. He is not accepted into Human culture because of what he is, yet he is ashamed of his Orcish heritage. Currently his whereabouts are in the lands in the western part of the continent, after the murder of a guard of Lamascus during a mission he and his human friend were hired for.
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