Bob Fargus

Shifter Cleric - Keith in The Wrong Party


The Fargus Family are a famed financial fellowship on Seldren. They focus on the insurance business, collecting money to help keep businesses running and houses stable.

No one is quite certain how the middle child, Robert Fargus, fell into such a bad crowd, but he found a new fellowship…The Priesthood. Of Gruumsh, the god of Chaos.

Now Bob Fargus roams the countryside spreading seeds of destruction, in the hopes of raising an Avatar of the Great One Eyed God.



Known Aliases

  • Thergos
  • Mayor Fargus
  • Fucking Fargus
  • Nerd


  • Former Insurance Adjuster
  • Cleric of Gruumsh
  • Mayor of Shepherd's Bush



Long Term Goals

To sow enough chaos to raise an Avatar of Gruumsh to drown Seldren in a sea of flames and blood.

Short Term Goals

To set fire to that house over there.

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