Town in the middle of nowhere on the continent of Taern. Lies several hours west of the city of port city of Lamascus, and a day's travel north of the town of Gribale. Home of the famous retired adventurer Percius and his group of adventurers, The Crimson Strand.


Buildar is a small town on the continent of Taern, with very little notable activity. Since it's founding, it's been home to many logging and mining industries, though many of those resources have dried up. The citizens of Buildar sometimes seem trapped by the city and it's vices. They don't leave because they don't have the money, however, they spend what little money they have on ale and whores.

Season One


  • Werric
  • Mountainbeard
  • Edgar
  • Dareth
  • Tomley
  • Batsa
  • Etriga
  • Ponsa
  • Ike
  • Randolf Percius
  • The Lady of Red

Episode 1 - Settling in Buildar (Mike GM 10/21/08)

Episode 2 - The Buildar Booze Switch (Mike GM - 10/28/08)

Episode 3 - Dareth's Eye for an Eye (Josh GM - 10/28/08)

Episode 4 - Finding a New Town Deputy… In Prison (Mike GM - 11/04/08)

Episode 5 - The Tragedy of the Silver Scale (Adam GM - 11/04/08)

Episode 6 - Arming the Law & Unlawful of Buildar (Mike GM - 11/08/08)

Episode 7 - Business As Usual (Adam GM - 11/12/08)

Episode 8 - Cap'n Jack & The Crimson Strand (Keith GM - 11/12/08)

Episode 9 - The Tiefling Connection (Dusty GM - 11/19/08)

Episode 10 - There's Something in the Blood (Josh GM - 11/19/08)

Episode 11 - Last Stand of The Crimson Strand (Adam GM - 11/25/08)

Episode 12 - The Hardbottle Heist of a Life (Mike GM - 11/25/08)

Episode 13 - The Return of Eldros' Bane (Keith GM - 12/03/08)

Episode 14 - The Damned Wedding of Asmodeus (Dusty GM - 12/03/08)

Episode 15 - Griswaldian Unification (Corey GM - 12/9/08)

Episode 16 - Preparations (Josh GM - 12/9/08)

Episode 17 - Death of Buildar's Heroes (Mike GM - 1/14/09)

Episode 18 - Ellias' Redemption (Adam GM - 1/14/09)

Episode 19 - Buildarmageddon Part One (Adam GM - 3/22/09)

Episode 20 - Buildarmageddon Part Two (Mike GM - 3/22/09)

Season Two

Episode 1 - What Happened


The town of Buildar is home to several notable residents, from the noble to the unjust.

  • Werric - Halfling Warlord - The sheriff of the town of Buildar. Follows a strict code of law (That only he seems to know at any given time). Not afraid to attempt to kill or seriously injure anyone that threatens the safety of his town, as noticed by his actions at the mansion of Perceus and his scuffle with the paladin Edgar Lighthammer. Seems to have a distinct distaste for adventurers and "their sort".
  • Rake "Mountainbeard" Lighthammer - Dwarf Fighter - Lackey of Werric, and guard of the town. Accused on several occasions by his employer of being a drunkard. Was on duty when the town gate was abducted. Seems to have previous dealing with Edgar Lighthammer. Due to his superiors finding better employment opportunities, or in most cases being imprisoned, has recently been promoted by Werric as his official "right-hand man of Buildar". We'll see how that turns out.
  • D.B. - Dragonborn Ranger - Former great deputy of Buildar who unfortunately got himself imprisoned in Lamascus on a "mission for Buildar". Werric trusts him with his life and has a long history of duty with D.B. Was recently rescued from prison by Dareth, Mountainbeard, and Edgar on Werric's orders to have him replace Simple Will as deputy. However upon return, Werric surprisingly reward Mountainbeard with the job, apparently as reward for insuring D.B.'s return. D.B. presumably adds some legitimate muscle to protecting Buildar's borders.
  • Sarlansa - Former human female guard of Lamascus who has was recruited by Mountainbeard to take a job as a guard in the town of Buildar. As her last job for her home city of Lamascus she volunteered to transer the horribly wounded Batsa and assure her associates in Lamascus that Mountainbeard indeed spoke true about Batsa's next of kin, Etriga, residing in Buildar. She has now made it her mission to help the law in Buildar find "The Lady with Red Hair" as she was attacked by the mysterious woman in her last day in Lamascus as the Lady of Red came across Sarlansa during her escape from Edgar Lighthammer's clutches.
  • Edgar Lighthammer - Human Paladin - Member of the Order of the Silver Scale, an order of paladins based primarily out of the western half of Taern. Came to town to investigate corruption of the city. Attempted to place Werric under arrest, due to his exceedingly violent means of justice, but has since formed a temporary truce to attempt to discover the cause of more dangerous aspects affecting the city.
  • The Tiefling Brothers, Batsa (Warlock) and Etriga (Rogue) - A pair of tieflings whose actions in the city are questionable, at best. Attempt to keep their tails out of trouble as much as possible. Usually fail in that regard.
  • Dareth the Wise - Eladrin Wizard - Resident scholar and sage to the town of Buildar. Concerned by the strange lights that appear over the town of Buildar, but cannot be seen from the town itself. Has a contempt for most of the people in the town, as they constantly interrupt his work.
  • Tomleey, assistant to Dareth the Wise - A small halfling, constantly afraid of being disciplined, taunted, or beaten by his master. Despite specific instructions by Dareth, has used Dareth's magical items from time to time while his master was gone.
  • Randolf Percius - Famed adventurer that has chosen (quite foolishly) to retire in the city of Buildar. Tries to run the town when Werric is not able to keep order. Mansion recently burned down (Twice). Several interesting artifacts were found within the ruins of his mansion.
  • "Lady with Red Hair" - Daughter to the famed Percius. Little is known about her, as Percius tries very hard to hide her presence. Nobody in the town can ever remember having seen the woman.
  • The Griswaldians - Group of halfling artists and bards who travel Taern spreading the good cheer of the deceased hero Willy Clark Griswald. Normally an economic force to be reckoned with, especially for a small town such as Buildar, these hard partiers have recently reformed their ways and have sworn off drinking and celebration after The Flute of Willy was found in Perceus' destroyed mansion. Amazingly The Flute was unharmed, though almost all other possessions were destroyed by the fire (twice). The Griswaldians are currently demanding answers from Dareth (who has no real interest or answers to The Puzzle of The Flute). Until those answers are given The Griswaldians plan to stay in Buildar… and hopefully find more about the greatness that was Willy Clark Griswald.
  • Simple Will - Halfling Warlord - A former and now returned member of the Griswaldians. Currently leading the halfling group after being found on the road from Buildar to Lamascus attempting to steal booze from Mountainbeard and Batsa. A ruined man after a life of drinking and partying as a Griswaldian, Simple Will ("for I ceased to be worthy of my family name once I became a Griswaldian") redeemed himself by helping Mountainbeard and Batsa in their swindling of Cap'n Jack. Returned to Buildar and quickly passed Mountainbeard over to become deputy of Buildar. However after seeing the Griswaldians had reformed their ways as well, Simple Will resigned as deputy and became leader of the band of halfling artists. He also has a great interest in The Puzzle of The Flute, and has been a well-received and well-liked leader to The Griswaldians for being on the forefront of reform for the group. Werric misses him as deputy deeply, but realizes that Simple Will was meant to lead The Griswaldians, and it does keep the town safer with him in charge of them.
  • Ike - Half-Elf Rogue - A former resident of Halton who made his living as a simple pickpocket, taking advantage of the naive and kind artists and musicians that make up the laid-back community that was once where Willy Clark Griswald called home. After The Griswaldian movement saw many Haltonians making the trek north to Buildar, Ike took up Werric's offer to become Buildar's official rogue. What this entails is doing anything outside the boundaries of law that Werric's men can't do.
  • Yekrut - Elven Cleric - Ike's former partner in crime, who made his living being Ike's personal nurse, healing the thief after a bad night of attempted thievery. It became only natural that Yekrut would leave to find work in Buildar as well, though Yekrut has taken the opportunity to part with Ike and is now working on starting up a medical area within the town of Buildar, since the population warrants such a facility, the nearest formerly being a medical outpost to the west at the edge of the mountains.


  • The Underworld - Their has been multiple mentions by Werric of a criminal element that has been moving into Buildar. Percius himself made mention of it as his reason for moving to Buildar, as did Edgar Lighthammer by directive of his Order, though neither seemed to know why criminals were gravitating towards the town. The criminal(s) and the reasons for the attacks on the town still remains unknown, though Werric and Percius both have both concluded that for criminals to deem the small town of Buildar worthy of such attack that their must be some secret reason of value for them to deem the town a focal point for their crimes. (Episode 1)
  • The Lights in the Sky - The reason for Dareth's settlement in Buildar at his elderly age is his study of the strange happening in the sky above the town. Apparently one can see strange arcane lights that take place over the skies of Buildar… but only while one is outside of the town at a distance. Once inside the town, the sky is clear. Dareth blames the simpletons of the town for not making a bigger concern of this phenomena, but it does leave the discovery solely his to claim. (Episode 1) However after a light appeared in the sky and came crashing into Dareth's observatory, the residents of Buildar have taken an interest. (Episode 4)
  • The Lady with Red Hair - Percius' daughter, who he revealed to Batsa (and a spying Werric) who even the great adventurer himself was very frightened of. Percius' claimed that she was the reason for his moving about and referenced previously trouble that had been caused by her in former residences of Percius'. By his own admission, "her power is unimaginable in scope". The father has offered Batsa a large ransom to find her and use her middle name of "Merte" as a sign that he speaks on her father's behalf. (Episode 1) For whatever reason she has been entangled with the people of Buildar even outside of the city limits. Whether it be in Lamascus when she left Batsa hanging from a seemingly untied rope and throat cut (Episode 4), or in Edgar's past, making sure that the King was assassinated by intercepting a note meant for Princess Thedra (Episode 5).
  • The Poisoned Alcohol - It started when Mountainbeard discovered that he had no recollection of the night that the town's gates were torn down. An alcoholic, but the "good kind" he has always considered himself to be… which basically means that he imbibes a lot of alcohol, but can usually hold it. When it was discovered that The Bartender and Tomleey had no memories of "The Lady of Red" even though they themselves had been in the bar that night, and that Edgar attacked Werric with seemingly no recognition of the multiple mentioned dangers of "The Lady of Red", the alcohol has become a focal point of both Mountainbeard and Werric. (Episode 1) Werric wants to keep the alcohol safe and has been secretly hiding it in an underground bunker of his, (Episode 4) while Mountainbeard has been testing it out on strangers such as Cap'n Jack to find further proof of its effects. (Episode 2) However Dareth has the most conclusive test so far, kidnapping Mountainbeard, Tomleey, and Simple Will, and also going to great extremes to take a blood sample from Batsa, while getting one simply by asking from Edgar… his conclusion, knowing that all of the samples come from persons having been contaminated with the alcohol at some point shows clearly that Elven Blood is a component of the liquid. (Episode 7). A recent trick by Seras revealed that the alcohol is deadly to Elves. He conned Ellias Lagorn and Amras Elenesse' into taking a bunch of the barrels of the contaminated alcohol. Nineteen elves ended up ingesting the alcohol and died immediately from it (Episode 17).
  • Edgar's Killing Strike… That Didn't Kill Him - The first impression of Werric and the way he transacts the law caused Edgar Lighthammer to raise some concerns to The Sheriff of Buildar… by taking a swing at him and placing him under arrest. This resulted in the way Werric normally settles disputes, a knife to the gut. (Episode 1) Only this time, the recipient didn't die, though he lay bleeding in the town jail for over a day. Without any medical attention whatsoever, Edgar's wound healed up a bit, and Werric's attempts to get information from a medical outpost near The Mountains only resulted in the coming of The Griswaldians (Episode 2). Although the suspicion was that the poisoned alcohol could heal wounds, as it was also applied to Batsa's slit throat, the revelation that Batsa was undead (Episode 10) squashed that. It remains to be seen how Edgar survived that killing strike.
  • The Flute - When the Griswaldians came to town, spreading the good cheer in honor of their deceased hero Willy Clark Griswald, the town prepared for their usual celebration and partying and instead found that the Griswaldians would be changed forever upon discovery of their hero's flute, remarkably unharmed in the wreckage of Randolf Percius' mansion. How the flute came to be in his possession, and how it remained unharmed in not one but TWO fires is of great interest to the Griswaldians and Edgar has pushed them to find answers from the town wiseman Dareth. Until those answers are given, the Griswaldians remain in Buildar, and not a drop of alcohol is spilled. (Episode 2) Unfortunately blood has already been spilled over The Flute as Simple Will failed to defend it, and apparently The Lady of Red is responsible as Simple Will "could not remember" who had taken it. (Episode 8)
  • Werric's Secret Prison - Dareth accidentally discovered the secret prison in an attempt to scrye the location of Batsa and instead finding Etriga with Werric in some undetermined location. Werric later revealed the location to ONLY Mountainbeard, swearing it would be the end of the Dwarf if word of the prison gets out. (Episode 4) This is apparently the place that Werric has been storing the contaminated alcohol, and also using it for other unethical security measures, such as violently interrogating Etriga for information on The Lady of Red (Episode 6) and experimenting with the alcohol on a wounded Batsa and a mind-altered Percius. (Episode 8) How Werric came to find the underground prison is still unknown, as is who helped break the Tieflings out of it (Episode 7).
  • Project Thedra - It's unknown if it is linked with the poisoned alcohol, although it would seem likely. The paladin Garthur claims that by putting a stop to Project Thedra the tides of the War will definitely turn. (Episode 7) The project undoubtedly refers to Princess Thedra of Dorthone, who was last seen conscious one year ago when she told Garthur that the "Lady in Red" had come to see her. The Lady in Red told her that "We all have to do our part." To which Thedra tells Garthur, "It's time I do my part." Thedra was recovered from a box that was brought in by the Tiefling brothers. The full extent to Project Thedra is undetermined. Although it appears that both the Lady in Red as well as the paladin Seras have had a helping hand in carrying out this project. (Episode 5)

Solved Mysteries

  • The Tiefling Connection - While in Lamascus on their way to break D.B. out of prison, Dareth investigated evidence that their advance scout, Batsa, had (purposely or not) gotten himself taken off to the prison. The dragonborn officers on duty made light of the fact that as Batsa was being dragged off he repeatedly said "Me no successful". Later, Edgar finds Batsa after the Tiefling was attacked by the Lady of Red, strung up by the neck and throat slit, but the rope he hangs from not being connected to anything he can see. Dareth whose attempt to scrye the location of Batsa had failed because of the damage done during the observatory explosion finally sees Batsa in a prison, being interrogated on the whereabouts of his Tiefling brother. The wizard later realizes that he is actually seeing Etriga in a secret prison. (Episode 4) When Mountainbeard is given access to Werric's secret prison, Werric tells him that Etriga grew more and more concerned for his brother's life, repeatedly saying "He don't die, I don't die". (Episode 6) Mountainbeard also makes not of a rope that Werric uses to tie up the Tieflings, a rope that doesn't appear to be attached to anything. Werric has acknowledged the confusion himself when he tied Etriga to his rope to use in a confrontation with Cap'n Jack, demanding that the warlock "blast" the pirate. He later drew his dagger and marked an E in the back of Etriga's neck so as to stop any further confusion. (Episode 8)
  • The State of Percius' Mind - Upon finding The Crimson Strand as being the ones responsible for setting Cap'n Jack up with the means to attack Werric, The Sheriff revealed to Mountainbeard that they had to find Percius (who was not among the attacking Crimson Strand) for he feared for his state of mind. When questioned, Werric admitted that to attain Percius as an ally to rescue D.B. (Episode 4), "to use Percius' status as an adventurer to get into the prison", that the Warlord Halfling had been experimenting with the poisoned alcohol to see what effect it had on the mind. He believes that Percius' switching allegiances is due to this, but can't be sure. (Episode 8)
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