Buildar - Episode 11

Last Stand of The Crimson Strand (Adam GM - 11/25/08)

Dareth wakes up in the bright morning sunshine. The smell of bacon enters the room and begins to make his stomach rumble. Upon entering the kitchen Dareth expects to find Tomleey, slaving away behind the stove frying Dareth's morning breakfast. Instead there's Werric, wearing an apron and tossing bacon up and down in a frying pan.

"Morning old man. Thought you might like some breakfast."

"Why are you in my kitchen sheriff?"

"Because, my dear Dareth, it's such a beautiful day that I thought it might be nice if we go hunting. Thought you might need a good meal before the day's hunt."

"And what exactly would we be hunting today?" Dareth asks agitated.

"Percius." Werric says with a smile.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

The town seems to have finally settled during the past week after the Tiefling fiasco as well as the strange night that ended with a floating island and a mysterious man drinking Tiefling blood. Ike has finally begun to settle in to his new home nicely, now that the Tiefling brothers are gone, and has even been entrusted with the guard of the Buildar Armory. (Seeing as how if it weren't for him, Buildar wouldn't even have an armory). Mountainbeard, Sarlansa, and D.B. are at their posts, Mountainbeard occupying the guard tower above the gate, Sarlansa on the ground next to the gate, and D.B. at his post on the other side of town, close to Percius' old mansion. Ponsa, the sister to the Tieflings has decided to settle in Buildar for a while. When asked why she chose to stay in Buildar her only response was that she wanted to culture herself in the same manner her brothers did. Edgar is currently at the jail, bringing food to the dwarf who watched both of his sons get murdered and have their heads put on pikes. Even though Werric pardoned him, both he and Edgar thought it would be wise to keep the dwarf secure to protect him from angry citizens who would still like to see his head on a pike too.

Dareth looks at Werric with slight intrigue. But before he can ask any questions, there's a knock at the door. Having already packed for the hunt per the sheriff's orders, Mountainbeard and D.B. come and join in on the breakfast festivities. Werric pulls a map out and spreads it on the table.

"Okay boys, here's where we're headed. I happened to acquire a little map here of Percius' last known location."

The map appears to be of a Keep, located south of Buildar and sits on the north edge of Lake Artera. The four at the table decide on who they should recruit to go with them. Werric decides to go to the jail to pick up Edgar, Mountainbeard decides to invite Ponsa along for fear of leaving her unchecked in Buildar, while D.B. recruits Ike at the armory. Werric decides to leave Sarlansa in charge of Buildar while the group sets south in search of Percius.

The group makes it to the Keep without any problems, and so begins a dangerous manhunt for Randolf Percius.

As the group enters the main lobby there are three doors in front of them. The left leads to the library, the right leads to the armory, and the middle leads to the Hall of Heroes. Ike and Ponsa make for the armory to see if there is anything that can be of use. It appears as though someone's already taken some of the weapons. Ike notices that where the door is supposed to be that leads to a staircase, there is only a big pile of rubble. Dareth leads the others to the library, where he hopes to find some valuable information pertaining to anything that has dealt with the recent events in Buildar. He notices that out of the whole library only one book is missing, and it's empty slot on the wall is under the restricted section of the library. Dareth examines the empty slot and finds an Orb of Crimson Commitment. Werric looks for the door where the staircase is supposed to be and everyone notices that there is only a wall.

"Not a problem boys." Werric says confidently. He takes a couple of minutes and pushes a stone in the wall. A secret doorway appears.

The group climbs the stairs and enter the Room of Requirement. The door leading to the next room is locked. A stone slab appears in front of the group with something written on it. Dareth reads:

"A woman goes to her mother's funeral and meets a man with whom she falls in love with. They talk for hours but when the man leaves the woman realizes she forgot to ask his name or where he lives. A week later the woman's sister dies. Why?"

The group deliberates for a second, and it's Ike who comes up with a solution to the riddle.

"It's simple. She killed her sister in hopes that the man would come to the sister's funeral too."

At this, the stone slab disappears back into the floor, but a trapdoor opens and Dareth falls down it into a chute. He slides out into a huge room that looks similar to a coliseum. He just landed in the Hall of Heroes. After regaining his bearings, Dareth looks around and notices seven life size statues surrounding the room. The one closest to him is a statue of Werric. Dareth yells up the chute about his findings and immediately Werric and Edgar jump down the chute. Mountainbeard and D.B. force Ponsa to follow and the three of them follow to the Hall of Heroes. Ike goes down last. As the group looks around Werric reminisces to a time where he and Percius once worked together…

Werric's Flashback

"I want out." Werric and Percius are standing in a back alleyway behind what's now called The Happy Halfling.

"You're in too deep, Werric. Carrion would never allow you to lea…"

"I don't care what Carrion says." Werric retorts. "He's the reason I want out. I didn't sign up for this. You told me when you brought me on that the jobs would be simple. I go in, I steal the goods, then I'm out."

"And that's all you still have to do Werric."

"No, it's different. Carrion's turned into a maniac. What he's wanting me to do is suicide. I'm taking what's mine and I'm leaving. Goodbye Percius."

Here's what the group notices about the seven statues:

  • The closest statue is of a halfling thief (Werric). A plate under the statue has his name. Resting on the statue is a jewel.
  • A statue of an Elven Ranger. The name plate says Lenwe' Eledwen.
  • A statue of a Dwarven Cleric. The name plate says Falgar.
  • A statue of an Eladrin Wizard. The name plate says Orz.
  • A statue of a Dragonborn Fighter. The name plate says Morunt.
  • A statue of a Human Paladin. The name plate says Randolf Percius.
  • The last statue stands at the end of the other six. It's of a Tiefling Warlock. The name plate says Carrion, Founder of the Crimson Strand. There's a gold mask sitting next to one of the feet of the statue.

Dareth inspects the gold mask in fear of connecting this Carrion with the infamous Lord Crimson. As he picks up the mask a gate in the floor of the middle of the Hall of Heroes opens and a troll comes out of it. The group tries to surround the troll in an attempt to overwhelm the beast. Edgar keeps the troll's eye on him while Werric raises the group morale. However, it's Ponsa who uses a flame attack to finish the troll.

As the group attempts to trek on through the keep they notice that the exit door is barred shut. The seven statues begin to come to life. It soon becomes a seven on seven brawl as each of the Buildar heroes take on a statue. Ponsa takes on the Carrion statue and is the first to emerge victorious. Werric and Edgar follow suit and destroy their statues. The three of them team up and help Dareth, Mountainbeard and D.B. finish their statues. Ike delivers the killing blow to his final statue, that of Lenwe' Eledwen. Ponsa discovers that the Carrion statue was using a Crimson sword and Crimson armor. She takes the sword and sheathes it and takes the armor as well. She decides not to wear the armor, however.

After the statues are destroyed the bars on the door come up and the group enters the Treasury. A Warforged guards the treasure inside, as well as the entrance to the Throne room. No mercy is the policy now. The group strikes with relentless force. The other six are able to subdue the Warforged due to Ponsa's finesse with her new Crimson blade. The blade almost has a haunting force behind it. As Ponsa delivers the finishing blow to the Warforged she herself becomes wounded by the sword. Indeed, the group deduces that the sword is enchanted with a powerful magic.

After they kill the Warforged the group enters a breezeway before the Throne room. The dragonborn, Morunt, the same one they fought on Cap'n Jack's ship, lies dead against the door. The group then enters into the Throne room, where they see a large snake that seems to have been slain as it lies lifeless on the floor. They look up to see seven thrones. Percius sits in one. His hands are tied down to the armchairs and his waist it tied to the back of the seat. It appears he's been crying.

"You just couldn't leave us alone, could you Werric? Stupid man, you've unwittingly killed the only ones who were capable of stopping Carrion."

"What are you talking about, the other members of the Strand? I thought you were still running around under Carrion's orders." Werric asks.

"Why do you think the others and I came out of retirement?" Percius looks to Edgar. "The corruption you've been investigating in Buildar, I was there to bring down the organization responsible for that corruption, the Nine Hells. The Tieflings were on the inside of the Nine Hells, but they wanted out, so they came to me for protection. Now they're dead, and so is the Crimson Strand. Our last chance rested with the legendary flute. It was here, in the keep, but now it's gone…"

"Gone?" asks Dareth. "What happened to it?"

Percius replies, "They took it."


  • Dareth - 575 XP
  • Edgar - 575 XP
  • Ike - 575 XP
  • Mountainbeard - 575 XP
  • Ponsa - 700 XP
  • Werric - 575 XP
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