Buildar Episode 13

The Return of Eldros' Bane (Keith GM - 12/03/08)

It's been four hours since the death of Rake Mountainbeard, and the town of Buildar has been thrown into a state of chaos. Werric, ever the leader, immediately burst into action, and set his guards…DB, Sarlansa, and Ike, as lookouts at the three highest points of the city: DB atop of the old wizard's tower, Sarlansa at the guard's post at the front gate, and Ike at the guard post near the armory. The Paladin, Edgar, has rounded up every able bodied man and woman (The city of Buildar is an equal opportunity employer) into a city militia. Half of the townsfolk are on constant patrol around the city. The other half have been set up as a makeshift deterrent force at the ruins of Percius's mansion…the location of the new internment campls.

Every halfing, or person that looks remotely like a halfling, or person that looks remotely like a musician, has been laced in a large set of internment camps at the charred remains of the mansion. Included in these camps are Werric's one time trusted guard, Simple Will, a halfling that recently appeared claiming to be the resurrected William Clark Griswald, and about 100 or so odd Griswaldians. Every ounce of lumber, barbed wire, and scrap metal have been rounded up to build Werric's camps. Werric is confident that between his guards and the layout of the city, he's been able to prevent any halflings from leaving the city. And he's confident by the end of the day, he's going to find the man that murdered his friend, and he's going to kill him…is as brutal a fashion as is possible.

The barracks, being empty of guards currently, has been set up as Werric's personal interrogation room. We find Werric practicing his art, with a halfling bard named Wendell.

"PLEASE! I DON'T KNOW ANYTHING! I didn't see anything! I was in the back of the mob! We only wanted Pecius…we only wanted answers!"

"We all want answers. Where were you, in relation to the mob."

"I was in the back, on the right side of the mob as we were facing Percius. I didn't see anyone make an attack, I just saw the dwarf fall. Please, that's all I know."

"For some reason I think you're lying to me. I don't appreciate people lying to me." Werric calmly states, while brandishing one of his daggers.

"That's all I know. Please. That's all I saw."

"Then you're of no more use to me." Werric quickly kills the young halfling. He orders his guards to follow him, and drag him back to the internment camp. The guards throw him into the pen with the rest of the halflings.

"THIS MAN DIDN'T WANT TO TALK TO ME. AT LEAST, NOT WITH ANY GOOD INFORMATION. I HOPE THE REST OF YOU WILL LEARN FROM YOUNG…WHATEVER HIS NAME WAS, MISTAKE. Grab me another halfling, and bring him to the barracks." The guards quickly nodded, and grab a halfling named Thorn. He is dragged, kicking and screaming, to the barracks.

"Do you know why you are here?"

"Yes. I didn't see who killed your friend. But I did hear something. The night before, I heard a pair of halflings, Zaerth and Duncan, saying how much they hated Percius, and how they were going to kill him. And they were drinking alot. My guess is that they were boozed up and couldn't hit the broad side of our town gate."

"If you're lying to me…I'll have you head on a pike" Werric states, once again calmly flashing his dagger.

"That….that's just…what I heard…at the bar…please can I go now?"

"No." Werric turns to his guards "Find me these two halflings, and bring them here. Me and my friend would like to have a chat with them." The guards work quick, as history has shown that the chance for advancement in the town of Buildar comes quick, at least in regards to Werric and his lieutenants. Before Werric can even blink, another pair of halflings are in the room. Werric informs the two of them to have a seat, which the guards quickly aid them with…shackling them to the chairs.

"This man here informs me that he heard the two of you plotting against Percius's life last night…and he also informs me that the two of you were drinking pretty heavily. Now, I can understand your hatred for Percius. I can understand that…and I can understand that when you're a bit drunk, it becomes a bit hard to hit the target you're aiming for. Now I just want to hear, from the both of you, exactly what happened." Duncan is the first to speak up. "Sir, I don't know anything about what happened. I wasn't at the bar last night, I was at the camp with many of the other Griswaldians…I was in the back of the crowd…I just don't know what to tell you."

Zaerth echoes the sentiment. "I don't know what Thorn here is talking about. I wasn't at the bar last night either, and I wasn't even in the crowd when the chaos happened." Werric looks sternly at Thorn. "Well…what do you have to say for yourself?" Thorn is crying at this point. "Please don't kill me, I just didn't want to die. I didn't see anything, or hear anything. I just don't want to die…please." Werric, with an icy chill in his voice gives a direct order to his guards. "Put his head on a pike in the camp. Tell them this is what happens when I'm lied to." The guards drag off Thorn.

"Is there anything else the two of you would like to tell me. Any information at all you may have?" Zaerth raises his head up. "Yes sir. I saw two halflings last night talking in the shadows. One of them was Fendley, the town mailman. I don't know much about that fella, he's not really a Griswaldian, was here before we got here. But the other…I've not seen him. In as long as we've been here, I've never seen him about the town. And I know he wasn't a Griswaldian…as I'm the offical greeter for the Griswaldians here in Buildar. My search would start with the two of them."


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