Buildar Episode 17

Death of Buildar's Heroes (Mike GM - 1/14/08)

Asmodeus stares at his son. On fire. And screaming.

The leader of The Nine Hells smiles, and looks to his assistant. "My daughter has succeeded. It is only a matter of time now before Crimson burns for me as well."

Asmodeus laughs, "But everything burns down here, doesn't it, Dalkal?"

The assistant pulls back his cloak and reveals a permanently burning beard. "Yes, master. Everything burns, and soon Buildar will burn."

At this the burning Tiefling begins to laugh, and his throat spews out fire along with his horrific chuckle. "Lord Crimson is killing all of the heroes of the land. He's building an army that will end you permanently father. And on that day, I'll laugh as I walk upon your throat."

At this Asmodeus nods. "If we've learned anything my son, after you so pathetically allowed yourself to be fed upon by undead kin, if we've learned anything after a flute-playing nothing becomes a war hero returned from the grave… it is that nothing and no one stays dead. Least of all our kind. All we do is burn. And we can expect nothing less from our enemies."

"Our enemies are unprepared for you will, master. They won't suffer as we have suffered. And for that reason, our victory is certain."

Asmodeus smiles. "One other thing is certain. My son will suffer for the rest of his days."

The assistant take that as his cue to leave and walks out of the Tiefling son's chamber. He takes a left and proceeds to his chambers, past the muggers, thieves, and rapists who roam the halls of The Nine Hells underground bunker. He hears talk that has obviously been passed down from him and other assorted minions of Asmodeus. If the fate of Buildar wasn't at stake then perhaps he would find the murmurings of promises Asmodeus has made to be quite funny as he recalled just what Asmodeus had proven himself capable of when he set something in his sights. So instead the assistant chose not to laugh as he entered his chambers. He didn't even laugh when he looked in the mirror and saw a reflection he did not recognize. And he certainly didn't laugh as he looked upon the body of the dwarf he was impersonating. His work was almost over. Then the imposter would laugh.

A gangly young human male bowls over three Griswaldians who are tending to a wounded homeless dwarf in rags laying on the street. "HEY!" one of the Griswaldians snaps and raises his hand skyward, intent to strike the fleeing youth. But a halfling hand grabs the fist about to come down in anger and shakes his head. "That is not the way of things… not now."

The three halflings watch as the boy takes off down a side street of Buildar and off towards the town gates. "If anything, we've seen what that Sheriff and his lawdogs are capable of. Whatever that boy's done… only the gods can help him now."


The third Griswaldian nods his head. "Aye, let us get back to what Willy would want us to do." And with that the three halflings pick up the wounded bum, intent on helping those that Werric's violence can't do any good for.

Tonight, violence is all that Werric and his men will know. Granted, Buildar had been under attack from a crime wave. And also crazed bootleggers claiming to be pirates. And then there was the bit with the Griswaldians and their deadly flutes. Lastly they were still on the search for a woman too deadly to be given a proper name or introduction in The Lady of Red. And of course there's the matter of the floating island hanging above Buildar's head.

But tonight it's just back to simple murder. Three murders to be exact. In a case like this, Werric not only sends his very best… but anyone else that can wield a weapon and occasionally put together two thoughts in their head.

Ike has the task of picking up the pieces of the brutal slaying of Doctor Unlire, a respected and retired battle physician Half-Elf from the island wars of Draclun. Lately Unlire had been helping Buildar upgrade their once meager medical facilities to best afford the new Griswaldian population.

D.B. has been given the role of beating the answers out of the murderer of Mantaus boxer and hometown celebrity Mick McNapps, a rare bald Dwarf, who retired back to his home of Buildar and has spent the span of it living off of his former glory and seeing that his hometown could live off of it as; as of late McNapps has become as well known for his philanthropy as for his athletic prowess.

Werric sighs as he walks up to the third victim of the night… the wizard's tower is up ahead and if the reports are true, and seeing the building for himself he can see that the accounts of "blood dripping from the open tower window" are accurate… well The Sheriff of Buildar knows that this is going to be the worst case to deal with. Especially when he has to tell Tomleey. "Why isn't that paladin breaking the news on this one… isn't that one queer paladins do?"

Edgar is currently working on a cold case of sorts… the crime has been solved. But justice has not been served. Death has remain at the forefront of his thoughts and help to show him that he is still needed in Buildar. But while the law is out tonight solving the senseless murders of the town heroes that Edgar did not have the fortune of knowing… he goes back to the good men that he did know, who are now gone. Edgar goes back to the room in the inn where Garthur died.

"If only I had gotten to you quicker…" INSERT EDGAR/GARTHUR flashback here.

The "death of Buildar's heroes" refers to the murders that our PCs
were investigating; not the PCs themselves. Mick McNapps, and Doctor
Unlire, Tomleey, they were who Asmodeus was after. While, Carrion was
out to capture the murderers (our PCs), Asmodeus intervenes, seeing
them as just the sort of "scum" he'd be needing for his army.

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