Buildar Episode 19

Buildarmageddon Part One (Adam GM - 3/22/09)

A chain reaction is what most would call a sequence of events that spawn from one single moment, one single choice. If a chain reaction is activated by a positive force the reaction would be positive as well. But what happens when a negative force starts a chain reaction?

I'm probably not making much sense. Perhaps I should start at the beginning. Hi, my name is Amos Chuckleby, and I live in Buildar. This story begins like any chain reaction would begin, with an event. I can still remember the day the dwarf came to town…

Captain Eckles whips his horse wildly. He must keep his associate from falling victim to the band of villains behind him. He looks back. The sun is about to rise, soon they will be safe. He can see Buildar ahead. The town that's so peaceful that it has no gate. The Mayor won't be happy when he learns his long time friend Randolph Percius was just attacked by a group of traveling circus vampires. "I wish there was a gate now," Eckles thinks to himself as he and Percius gallop at full speed. The two make it inside the town just as the sun begins to rise. The band of vampires immediately disperse into the woods.

"Amos! Amos where are you?" Mayor Preston comes out of his office and looks at his intern. "Ah there you are, good Amos. Be a lad and fetch me the sheriff will ya? There will be hell to pay for messing with my best friend!"

Amos walks down the stairs. To be a mayor of a small town such as Buildar, the Mayor's estate is very nice. A large mansion that sits just on the edge of town allows the Mayor to keep a watchful eye on his peaceful people. The Mayor walks down to the living room. Percius is lying on a couch with ice to his forehead. "Don't worry Randolph, Sheriff Derringer and I will handle your attackers."

"You should be careful Preston," Percius responds. "Their leader dismembered one of the Crimson's arms. Perhaps you should let me handle it. I still owe you for letting me and my daughter stay here."

"I find it odd that you decided to adopt a young woman at your age. For God sake you're retired, Percius. At least that's what you tell me anyway." the Mayor looks over Percius with a curious look.

"Even though it's been years since I've been involved with the Strand I still keep up with old friends." Percius answers.

"Even with Carrion?" asks Mayor Preston. "You can't deny the fact that he drove away Werric. I always enjoyed it when you brought that halfling here to visit."

"It's all in the past now, Preston. All in the past."

One month later a halfling walks into town. The guard at the gate sees the halfling along with a dragonborn. He rings the alarm.

At the jail Sheriff Derringer slides a bowl of gruel under the cell bars. "Ready to talk yet, dwarf?" The dwarf says nothing and begins to silently eat his breakfast. "Just keep it up, dwarf. I'm working on something extra special for you. You see, I'm digging my own private jail cell for folks who don't want to cooperate. Seeing as how you don't wanna talk, I'm thinkin' I'll drag you out to my private cell out in the woods so no one can hear you scream. Whaddya think about that?"

The dwarf continues to eat.

"You're just lucky ole' Amos feels sorry for ya and keeps bringin' ya that gruel." Derringer is about to say something else when the town alarm sounds. Derringer grabs his crossbow and begins to exit the jail. The dwarf looks down at his bowl. An iron key is partially sticking out of the gruel. Amos came through.

Sheriff Derringer walks out into the town square. He sees the halfling he was told to keep away. "What business have you in Buildar?" Derringer asks.

"In case you hadn't noticed, I am the sheriff, the mayor, and any other title you can think of. I am the LAW." answers Werric the halfling.

"I was told not to let you anywhere near Randolph Percius." Derringer reaches for his crossbow.

Before Werric can respond an arrow pierces Derringer in the back and protrudes through his chest. He falls lifeless to the ground. Mountainbeard the dwarf slings his bow back over his shoulder while standing in front of the jail.

"I'll take you to see Percius." the dwarf says.

Buildar Finale Part One Plot Points:

  • The dead heroes: Dareth, Werric, Ike and D.B. overcome Asmodeus and escape back to Buildar.
  • Ellias and Edgar convince Amras Elanesse (a relative of the late king???) that Buildar is innocent in the attack on the elves.
  • Mountainbeard aids in the rescue of the dead heroes from the nine hells.
  • Seras comes to Buildar with a band of Lamascus Soldiers who believe they are there to recapture D.B.
  • Seras and Edgar duel.
  • Dorthone wages war on Lamascus.
  • The heroes form two fronts: Willy Clark Griswald and Dareth lead the attack on the island using the bag of holding set up by Ike. The heroes who stay behind aid Ellias in trying to stop the battle between the two nations.
  • Combat ensues. Willy and Dareth battle Carrion on the island. Werric, Mountainbeard, Edgar, Ellias, and others battle Seras and the Lamascan soldiers.
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