Buildar - Episode 3

Dareth's Eye for an Eye (Josh GM - 10/28/08)

Dareth catches Etriga in his observatory in an attempt to find something for the Lady of Red that has to deal with the Lights in the Sky.

Dagger for scrying left behind. ("An eye for an eye" left as a warning to Lady of Red also to track her)

Batsa concerned that Etriga has been missing for days.

Edgar gets a letter that Dareth needs his help.

Werric simply wants to be apprised of all the goings on.

The group goes to seek council from Dareth's mentor, Saredawn.


  • Batsa - 200 XP
  • Dareth - 200 XP
  • Edgar - 200 XP
  • Mountainbeard - 200 XP
  • Werric - 200 XP
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