Buildar - Episode 4

Finding A New Town Deputy… In Prison (Mike GM - 11/04/08)

It's just another morning in Buildar, and what that means lately is a lot of Griswaldian song to wake up the early birds. Two in particular are already awake, and already getting further agitated at the interruption of separate interrogations they are conducting.

"What did the fire speak of?" comes the voice from the wizard's observatory.

"It… it was confused… I am not who I am," comes a voice of fear.

"Come off it Tiefling! I don't have time for mumbo jumbo!"

"But sir, I thought that's all you had time for, other than stargazing-"


"The fire says that Asmodeus is looking for me… but it be not me…even if it be me…"

"That doesn't seem to make too much sense… it appears he is contradicting himself sir!"

DARETH continues interrogation… eventually Tiefling will reveal that the LADY WITH RED HAIR had him confused with his brother… who is the true target.

Meanwhile another interrogation is being conducted at The Sheriff's office/town jail.

"So it says here that you like to, and I quote, 'gut, slay, but generally avoiding maiming in preference to actual killing"… I assume you mean when necessary of course?" The Sheriff Werric looks up from
his papers.

"Yes sir, of course sir," comes the gruff response of the rather large and imposing dragonborn.

"Well… nothing wrong with that!" Werric replies joyfully. "Especially with all the criminals we have about! Isn't that right Tiefling Brother #1?"

Werric turns his attention to the resident prisoner-yet-again, BATSA.

"Yes sir, of course sir, f you sir," comes the Tiefling's swift reply.

"Same goes for the deputies we have here, isn't that right MOUNTAINBEARD and EDGAR? One's too lazy for the job and the other one wants me dead. And then there's my latest deputy, hell of a scrapper…"

Dareth is fervently trying to cast a seeing spell to find Batsa but his concentration keeps being broken by the Griswaldians below, chanting for a resolution from him on The Flute of Willy Clark Griswald, found unharmed in the wreckage and flame of Percius' destroyed mansion. They are being led by the former deputy, former drunk, former Griswaldian, and now ONCE AGAIN Griswaldian, their new leader. Simply Will, Griswaldian leader.

"We have turned against our ways of drunkenness and partying. Our former reckless behavior will not stand now that we have come in contact with the undying spirit of Willy Clark Griswald, whose flute
did not burn, and whose legacy can not die! We will not be silenced until we find out the secrets that this flute holds, and how it came to reside at Percius' mansion in Buildar!"


Dareth goes to the window to silence them when he sees something in the sky. A bright, white, burning light. And then an explosion hits his observatory.

"…but then that silly bastard decided to head up this new Griswaldian group that has decided to make camp here in our town. So far they've been fairly well-behaved, but who knows what's going to happen if that old fool in his observatory doesn't solve their flute puzzle."

The dragonborn nods.

"So as you can see," Werric continues, "That's the reason I've been putting out posts all around that the town of Buildar is looking for a few hired hands that don't mind a bit of security work."

"Well, I've never been afraid of a fight sir, that's why I came all the way from Lamascus. Sounds like easy enough work for me. And frankly I could use the coin." The dragonborn explains.

"Nothing wrong with any of that dragonkind, be it the fighting or the coin," Werric rises in his seat and extends his hand. "And as long as you are working under Werric, Sheriff of Buildar, you'll have both of
those things, hand over fist!"

The dragonborn gets a weird look in his eye and stops short of extending his hand.

"Something wrong friend?" Werric asks, hand still extended.

In a flash, the dragonborn grabs Werric's hand, but instead of shaking it, pulls him forward and uses his other hand to begin strangling him.

- Werric sends DUSTY to break out a prisoner and former citizen of
Buildar, a Dragonborn by the name of D.B. "That's the only dragonborn
of any count that I've ever been associated with and he served his
hometown of Buildar well… and he got caught doing it. Which is the
Buildar way apparently. Break him out, and only then will I have a
true right-hand-man that I can trust again."


  • Dareth - 275 XP
  • Edgar - 325 XP
  • Mountainbeard - 275 XP
  • Werric - 275 XP
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