Buildar - Episode 5

The Tragedy of the Silver Scale (Adam GM - 11/04/08)

A flashback to the origin of the meeting between Edgar Lighthammer and Mountainbeard Lighthammer (no relation). Edgar and two companions of The Order of the Silver Scale, Seras and Garthur, make their way to the elven kingdom of Dorthone after the murder of Edgar's brother Roland, as does Mountainbeard who they meet on the road. The three surviving members of The Order sought sanctuary in Dorthone, however Seras secretly sought to assassinate King Eldros. Garthur is the first to catch on to Seras' motives and puts people in place in the kitchen as Seras attempts to poison the king's food. Though Seras' is spotted, a note that was intended to be given to the King through his daughter (and Garthur's lover) was instead intercepted by The Lady of Red and Seras was able to complete his plot, though not without being outed by Garthur who gives his life to save Edgar once Seras has been cornered. Both Edgar and Mountainbeard feel grief at their inability to not only save the king's life, but also the life of Garthur who discovered the plot but was unable to save the king… or himself.

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