Buildar - Episode 7

Business As Usual (Adam GM - 11/12/08)

A stranger garbed in a dark cloak comes to town in the dead of night, and following are the events that occurred on that same night:

- The Tiefling brothers have either broken out of their prison or have been released (still unknown which has occurred) and were the first to meet the stranger. He offers them a job for 10,000 gold.

- Ike, who was currently hired by Dareth, tracks the Tieflings in hope of them leading him to a barrel of the contaminated alcohol.

- Werric grows concerned for the safety of his town and dispatches D.B. and the griswaldians to aid in the rebuilding of the town gate.

- Edgar Lighthammer wakes in the fields from sleepwalking, something he's done three nights in a row. He has visions of war.

- Dareth abducts Mountainbeard, Simple Will, and Tomleey in attempt to discover the truth about the poisoned alcohol. All three were confirmed to be infected, as all three had shown signs of being delirious and having visions at night. He needed two more blood samples as well as a barrel of the alcohol to complete his work.

- The Tieflings split up and rendezvous near the medical outpost northwest of town. The outpost is a mess. Batsa looks in and realizes that the medical personnel are all dead. He sends Etriga in tied to a rope. Etriga is attacked by two orcs who stayed behind to guard. A battle ensues and the Tieflings manage to rise victorious. They find the package they were hired to bring back to Buildar. Ike intervenes in hope that the package is the one he has been looking for. Another fight ensues, which leaves Ike unconscious and bleeding at his heels. The Tieflings make for Buildar.

- Dareth haggles with a human rogue to find Batsa and bloody his nose. His work is still underway.

- Werric hears news from the bartender that the Tieflings are out and about. Worried about his right hand man, Mountainbeard, as well as recapturing the Tiefling convicts, Werric sends out D.B. and Sarlansa to set up a perimeter outside the town and follow any suspicious tracks.

- Edgar is approached by a halfling who claims he has a message for him. Edgar reads the message which leads him to the Inn. Edgar finds the stranger waiting for him in Room 309 at the Inn. "I followed his trail to Buildar. It grows cold from here." the stranger says. Edgar realizes that an old nemesis may be lurking nearby. "You've had the visions too. The war is coming to Buildar." the stranger says. Edgar asks how long the stranger will be in town. "As long as it takes." he replies.

- Ike wakes up and tends to his wounds. Unable to walk, he crawls on a horse and makes after the Tieflings.

- D.B. reports to Werric that a distinguishing trail is unable to be found due to the mass numbers of immigrants coming in from other towns in search of the flute.

- Sensing his hired thief may not succeed in finding a barrel of the poisoned alcohol, Dareth confronts Werric and insists that he give him a barrel for scientific and security purposes. Werric agrees under the condition that he supervises. Werric leaves Dareth in the care of D.B. as he goes off to his underground prison to fetch a barrel. He notices that there looks to be no sign of a breakout attempt in the prison. Werric concludes that someone must have aided in the escape of the Tieflings.

- Batsa and Etriga hide on the outskirts of town. They see Griswaldians leaving the site of what was Percius' mansion. They appear to be gathering anything usable and taking it with them. Batsa approaches one of the Griswaldians and asks what they are doing and if they've seen the sheriff. They reply that they are gathering materials to rebuild the town gate and that the gate was where they last saw Werric. Batsa senses something is amiss and barely dodges a punch that was aimed at him by a ruffian of the town. Batsa tries to calm down the man but he appears to be truly devoted to punching Batsa in the face. Batsa decides to light the man's horse on fire but misses and instead hits a group of the departing Griswaldians. The remaining Griswaldians pull out their flute-darts and look in the direction of the Tieflings and the human. Batsa blames the human for the fire and speeds off with Etriga and the package toward the town Inn.

- Werric and Edgar accompany Dareth back to his observatory where he puts portions of the alcohol in several flasks. While he is doing this he hears shouting and thinks he hears something burning as well. At the mention of this Werric looks out from the observatory to see that a group of Griswaldians have been set on fire. The three rush to the streets to find the burning Griswaldians rolling on the ground to minimize their injuries while the rest of them are forming a large circle. They break into the circle and Dareth recognizes the man being surrounded as the rogue he hired earlier in the night. He asks the man where they went and the man points toward the Inn. Dareth takes off to the Inn. Werric asks who caused the fire and the Griswaldians point to the human rogue. The man denies this and then one of the Griswaldians speaks up "But the Tiefling said…" at these words Werric and Edgar also take off toward the Inn.

- Ike rides into town and notices the burning Griswaldians. He sees Werric and the others heading toward the Inn so he follows suit.

- The Tieflings enter the Inn with the package (which is actually a fairly large chest) and Batsa goes up to the Innkeeper. When he asks what he can do for him Batsa replies "Business as usual." At this, the Innkeeper goes into a back room and a few minutes later the stranger comes down the stairs. Pleased at retrieving the package, the stranger throws a coin purse with the rest of the reward to Batsa and tells him to get out of town and hide. He will take care of everything from here. The Tieflings leave town and head for the woods.

- Dareth and the others show up and approach the stranger. Werric asks where the Tieflings are to which the stranger says that his business is with him now. The two exchange words and it looks like a fight might break out but D.B. comes into the Inn to inform Werric that Sarlansa captured the Tieflings on their way into the woods and that she's holding them in the jail. Werric and Dareth follow D.B. back to the jail. Ike watches from a distance as Edgar and the stranger exchange words. "It's been a long time, Garthur." says Edgar. "What's in the box?" Garthur begins to open the box and explains, "It is a weapon that the enemy has been using against us. But now the tides have turned. She is safe with me now." Edgar and Ike both notice that inside the box is a young Elven woman who appears to be unconscious and has wounds on her arms that indicate bloodletting. Edgar recognizes her as Princess Thedra, the elven princess of Dorthone.

- Werric finds the Tieflings in their cell and is enraged at their behavior. He asks who set them free, to which Etriga replies "You did." As Werric begins to physically abuse the Tiefling, Dareth takes two separate cloths and wipes blood from the faces of both Tieflings. With that Dareth decides to return to the Inn with suspicions that he may know who his fifth subject may be. Werric, confused at Dareth's behavior, follows him back to the Inn.

- Ike sets off to find Yekrut, in hopes that he can mend the muscles that were damaged in his scuffle with the Tieflings.

- At the Inn, things come to a head in Room 309. Werric barges in on the stranger and sees the elven woman lying on the bed. He puts a knife to her throat and demands answers to everything that's been going on. He suspects the stranger as being the one to set the Tieflings free. Garthur denies this accusation, and is able to calm Werric when he mentions that the Lady in Red is his enemy as well. Dareth asks to obtain a blood sample from Garthur's arm, to which Garthur responds "I'm not the one you seek, wise man." Instead he points him to Edgar, who Dareth then remembered was drenched in the poisonous alcohol the night Mountainbeard smashed one of the kegs with his hammer. Edgar willingly lets Dareth obtain a blood sample and heads off to his observatory smiling. Edgar asks how Garthur survived his mortal wound from Seras. Garthur replied that it is a secret he cannot share with any other soul. He explains to Edgar and Werric that obtaining the princess has put a stop to Project Thedra, which is a crucial victory in the battle against the orcs, as well as the Lady with Red Hair.

- Dareth begins to experiment with his samples and takes notes. He also releases Mountainbeard and Simple Will. Tomleey stays behind to help in the research. After gathering the blood samples and the alcohol, he is able to conclude that there are many foreign elements in the contaminated alcohol, but the dominant element is the only one he could identify… Elven blood.


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