Buildar: Episode 8

Cap'n Jack & The Crimson Strand (Keith GM - 11/12/08)

It's another lovely day in the city of Buildar, and this glorious afternoon finds the town sheriff, Werric, out on his daily patrol of the city. Werric is happy, for several reasons. He's happy that his coffee is warm. He's happy he's had to patrol less and less as of late, and he's happy that a tranquil peace has settled over the city of Buildar after he delt with all of the trouble inducing adventurers that were plaguing Buildar. He attributes this peace to his amazing abilities as sheriff, though some of the blame probably rests on the strung up corpses of the fool that lived up on the mansion, his band of merry men, and that troublesome paladin, Edgar, that tried to unravel all the good work he had put into the town.

As Werric walks through the town, people smile and tip their hats as they pass. Not a single crime has been reported in almost two weeks in the city of Buildar, and his trusty right hand man, Rake Mountainbread, has been sober for almost a week and a half. It's a shame that he's had to cut most of the guards on his staff…but Werric can't justify hiring guards for a city that doesn't have any crime.

As he approaches the city gate…a newly constructed gate, more heavily fortified than even the most grand of Elven kingdoms, he thinks of all he's accomplished. The most impressive of his feats involves helping the troublesome Griswaldians found the city of Griswaldia, far, FAR to the south. Mountainbeard flags Werric down, with a bit of an urgent glance.

"Sir, I think we have a bit of a problem. I don't think it's a direct danger to the city, what with the new gate and wall, but there's a group of orcs just outside our gate, and i thought you might…"

"Take care of it" Werric commands as he continues on his patrol. Werric glances out the gate, to ensure he hadn't sent his few remaining guards to their doom, but Mountainbeard and DB should be a good enough contingent to demolish the 75 or so orcs that have been making a camp outside. Werric continues off, with the sound of orcs dying making a musical tune, causing Werric to smile. The tune however is soon interrupted by the sound of a cannon blast. He turns back, and sees his gate shredded. He quickly climbs to the top of the watch posts, and sees a lone cannon, with nobody guarding it. Another blast rips forth from the cannon, and Werric barks at DB and Mountainbeard to investigate. As Werric turns, hearing the sounds of the two guards confounded, he sees the city in flames.

Citizens are screaming in pain as the fires spread. Werric makes a beeline for the tavern, in an attempt to rescue the barkeep before the flames reach his supply of alcohol. Oddly, he's stopped by Mountainbeard.

"I can't let you do that."

"Mountainbeard I've killed men for less. You had best explain yourself."

Werric notices Mountainbeard's hair has begun to turn a bright shade of Crimson.

"We must all do our part."

Werric readies his dagger, but the voices begin to surround him. He sees the citizens of the town…the barkeep, his guards, even the corpses he strung up, all with bright Crimson hair…and all repeating the same mantra.

"We must all do our part."

Mountainbeard grabs Werric. "We must all do our part Werric. We need your help. We need you Werric, we need you to do you part. Werric, we need your help. WERRIC! WE NEED YOU!"

Werric awakens to Mountainbeard shaking him violently to wake him up. He immediately checks the dwarves hair…and finds it a shade more befitting a dwarf.

"What is it?"

"Sir the city is under attack. A cannon blast has wrecked…"

"Our gate." Werric sighs, knowing the damage before Mountainbeard can even finish his sentence. "Is there anything on fire?"

"No sir, not yet."

"Good, get some of the citizenry on top of that. I'll go inspect the gate."

Werric leaves his office, and immediately sees the destruction. The gate, just newly constructed, has had a giant hole blasted through it. The cannonball has ran into the residential district, damaging some of the houses. Werric climbs to the top of the guard post, and notices a very proud dwarf posing atop a ship's cannon…which is odd, as Buildar is a completely landlocked area. He also notices two men that almost look like fish, loading the cannon, and a giant stack of boxes behind the dwarf. Werric motions for DB and Mountainbeard to take care of the problem.

The dwarf, upon spotting movement from behind the gate, issues his demands.


The dwarf is infuriated at the appearance of Mountainbeard from the gate. "YOU! Your blood will run this day!" He lowers a torch, and send another cannon blast flying into the city. Given that the ship's cannon is very large, and unable to really turn, DB and Mountainbeard are able to jump out of the way pretty easily. What they don't expect are the two fishmen to end up on them so quickly. One climbs onto DB, and begins trying to bite through his scales into his neck. Mountainbeard kicks at the other, and ends up with his leg caught in the fish's scaley grasp.

"If you want anything done right…" mutters Werric as he enters the field of battle. Walking down from the guard post, Werric gets on his horse and lassos up Etriga, and quickly ends up near Jack, demanding to know what brought about this violence or he'll have "my tiefling set you ablaze". Etriga demands that "be no warlock, I'm the rogue!". Batsa has walked out and demands to know just what Werric is doing with his brother, to which Werric admits that he has been getting the two of them confused as of late. However now this supposed pirate is the problem, so Werric decides to deal with The Tiefling Connection later and simply takes out his dagger and carves and "E" into the back of Etriga's neck. "Now that that's taken care of, I want answers," Werric says with disgust, "pirate."

Jack explains to Werric how he had instructed his crony, Mountainbeard, to poison him, and steal all his ale. Before Werric can even begin to talk through this battle, Jack has produced a cutlass from his belt, and his swinging at Werric. Luckily for the sheriff, Jack isn't a real pirate. A real pirate wouldn't of talked so damn much. A real pirate probably would have brought a lighter cannon. And a real pirate would be much better in a fight. Werric takes the dwarf down, and demands he call off the fishmen, which he agrees to. The fish creatures scurry back, and hide behind the boxes.

"Please don't kill me. Please. I just did what they asked me to do. They said they hated you as much as I did, and they'd help me quench my vengence."

"Wait, who are you talking about? Who are you working with?" Werric asks.

"Heh, boy, the only answers you will get from me is the answer to what's in the boxes. RELEASE THE ATTACK PARROTS!"

The boxes fly open, and a cloud of parrots fill the air, and begin trying to scratch and peck at Werric, giving Jack and his fishboys a chance to escape back to the ship. Werric, undeterred, has DB freeze the parrots in place. As the fowls fall out of the air, Werric gathers up his men, and quickly runs down Jack, planting a thrown dagger into his back. He screams with a girlish cry as his fish men run off, back toward the ocean.

"Please, I'll tell you anything, please, just don't hurt me."

"You'll tell me everything, including why I SHOULDN'T hurt you."

Jack explains that the other man that came back with him, the adventurer, had listened to his tales of hatred for Werric, and said he knew a group of people that could help. A day after they made landfall, some more adventurers showed up, and they cooked up a plan to trap him back at the ship.

"And what makes you think I would ever follow you back to the ship?" Werric asks.

"We took a hostage."

ON THE DECK OF THE SS JACK, Ike awakens, tied to a chair. He can hear voices around him, but can't see anyone. He finds himself in his skivvies, unable to escape.

"Don't you worry boy. We got no beef with you. Once we get our hands on Werric, you're a free man."

Just outside the range of the ship, Werric concocts a plan with his men. Dareth and Jack quickly run to the ocean. Jack sticks his head in, making a strange gurgling sound, and his fish servants appear, ready to aid Dareth get underneath the ship. Mountainbeard and Werric scale up to rush their would be ambushers, with Werric taking the sharp end of an arrow in the shoulder on the way up. Bat-sa provides magical support from the shore. And the battle is afoot.

Taking to the top of the ship, Werric and Mountainbeard engage a dragonborn and an elf, both recognized from the day they burned Perceus's mansion to the ground. A fight ensues, as Ike is knocked free. Werric manages to toss over the Elf, and a horrific cry can be heard as the fishmen tear into him. They corner the dragonborn, who begins screaming for his backup.

Meanwhile, below decks, Dareth has knocked a board free. This has two effects, both unfortunate for Dareth. He's managed to gain entryway to the ship, but the noise has alerted a dwarf to his presence. Also, the hole in the ship is causing the hold to take on water. What ensues is a brutally ugly fight, as the two scrap to gain any ground on the other that they can. The dwarf ends up charging Dareth, and gets taken out by a swift blow, causing him to crash into the water, and giving the fish another snack.

As the Dragonborn shouts for his reinforcements, Dareth calmly walks up. "He's a bit indisposed."

"You can't win. You won't accomplish anything by fighting. Just tell us what this was for." Werric commands.

"Perceus told us about Jack. We had a score to settle with the same man…you. And you know why."

Werric looks down for a moment, contemplating his dagger. "Leave." The dragonborn doesn't hesitate.

They end up floating away on a disk created by the mage Dareth. Werric removed the arrow from his shoulder, stating that "If you ever need any of my blood, here it is. Don't treat me like the tieflings."

They look back at the sinking ship, and Werric realizes something. "I like those flags." as he admires Jack's pair of giant Jolly Roger flags, both with two eyepatches.

Mountainbeard doesn't hesitate, and leaps in. Ike follows to help him retrieve the flags. As they end up back on shore, they find Jack in tears.

"My ship. My beautiful ship. What have you done!!!"

"Don't worry Jack. We'll get you a new one. We need protection on our rivers afterall." Werric hands Jack one of the flags, happy that a new alliance has been made. Werric is also quite proud of how his crew has handled themselves. Acknowledging Batsa's long-held wish to be deputized, but recognizing Mountainbeard as his "right-hand man", Werric proclaims the tiefling as his "left-hand man". Ike, due to his bravery in accompanying Mountainbeard in acquiring the flags in Fishboy infested waters is proclaimed, "all man". And Dareth due to "just how damned old you are", according to Werric, is his "wise man".

The party calmly walks back into the town of Buildar, to see a scene of chaos. The Griswaldians are up in arms, and rushing through the streets, shouting at the men to come and help. They quickly follow, and see a horrific scene. The bodies of dozens of Griswaldians lay along the base of Dareth's tower. Simple Will is badly injured, as Edgar is trying to tend to his wounds.

"Will, what happened here?"

"Werric…I couldn't defend it. I couldn't protect it. They took it. They only cared for it. They took it."

Werric fears he knows the answer before he asks the question. "What did they take?"

"The flute. It's gone. I wasn't strong enough. I couldn't defend it." With that sentence the Griswaldians became to cry and moan.

"Will…who took the flute?" Asks Werric.

"I…I can't remember."


  • Werric: 250 XP
  • Mountainbeard: 225 XP
  • Dareth: 225 XP
  • Ike: 200 XP
  • Batsa: 200 XP
  • Edgar: 200 XP
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