Builder - Episode 19

Buildarmegeddon Part One (Adam GM


1) "There once was a town named Buildar…"
a) A monologue/conversation that recants the saga of Buildar from the perspective of a Amos to an unknown person (Later to be revealed as Messer Gantz the 4th). *Consider this our recap*

Scene 1

"Thanks for agreeing to hear my story, my name is Amos Chuckleby. I come from a town that no longer exists. I know that sounds strange. Maybe I should start by telling you about some of the folks that come from my town. Maybe then you'll begin to understand.

There was once a town named Buildar. It used to be peaceful. I myself had a great position interning under the late Mayor Preston, the only decent man to have ever lived in Buildar. Of course that all changed once the dwarf came to town. You know, the one who fell asleep the night the gate came down. It seems like after he came, nothing but trouble followed…

First let me tell you about Sheriff Werric. He kept that town in line, and wouldn't hesitate to stick a sword in ya. He did it a few times to people he called friends. I remember he once slit the throat of a member of the Crimson Strand. He even stabbed a paladin once. Well he went missing after one of our guards Sarlansa stabbed him in the gut. That halfling probably deserved it.

Then there's this old Eladrin named Dareth. He came strolling in to Buildar one day with a little halfling carrying all of his books. He walked right up to the sheriff and demanded that he have a tower and observation deck built on the outskirts of town. Of course our architect Red did the best he could, seeing as how his only partner went missing due to some sort of mob connection. But nevertheless, the old wizard got his tower. The same night Buildar was attacked Dareth ran all crazy into the forest. He went missing about the same time Werric did.

That brings me to the other fellow who went missing, a thief called Ike. I think he ended up taking over the armory while his partner Yekrut assisted our Doctor Unlire. Something seemed very strange about that whole affair. He went missing right after we found Yekrut and Doctor Unlire both dead in a bed together.

Then there's Randolph Percius. He was a friend of the Mayor and ended up inheriting his mansion after the mayor died. He is part of the Crimson Strand as well, but he always claims to be retired. Well he had an adopted daughter with crimson red hair. No one in town knew her name, and she rarely showed her face.

Oh yeah I can't forget the paladin that came to Buildar seeking to expose the corruption our town became associated with. His name was Edgar Lighthammer. The first night he was here Werric stabbed him in the gut. I'm amazed he survived it to be honest. Well he had a lot on his plate, right after Werric and the others went missing these elves from the mountains came barging into town. But I'll get to that in a minute.

There was this one night when a tiefling named Ponsa came to town. She sought to end the lives of her two brothers, Batsa and Etriga. One of them was apparently undead and was living off of the other one. I know. It's as disturbing as it sounds. She had the two burned and then she lived in Buildar for a while. She went missing about the same time the others did.

I guess last but not least is the dwarf. Most of us knew him as Mountainbeard. He was one of the guards, but he usually remained drunk most of the time. Some of the griswaldians that came to town got angry with Mountainbeard and the others and so they shot him with a poisonous dart. I assumed he was dead. But something tells me that he was still running around in those last few days of Buildar.

I guess you're anxious to hear what happens next. Where do I begin?"

2) Lord Crimson rages in his chambers following Death of Buildar’s Heroes.
a) "What just happened?!" "Where are the so-called Heroes of Buildar?" It appears that Crimson has made a miscalculation. He informs Sarlansa that her men better be "the heroes that this town needs for now". After she leaves Crimson will look out upon the town that his island is slowly getting closer to and repeat what he said long ago… "We need Willy Clark Griswald".

3) It began in Gribale..
a) … Asmodeus walks into Gribale and challenges Porter for control of the town. We will find out that through an appearance by Lenwe and Carrion that Gribale was the orignal designated battleground against Asmodeus until the death of Willy inspired the town to better itself and Asmodeus was forced to setup shop somewhere else (Buildar).

b) Carrion also foreshadows the troubled Griswaldians, remarking that the legend of Willy Clark Griswald can’t be expected to save Taern from evil forever. At some point it is going to take a living, breathing hero to fight off the horde.

c) Ike cameos and his sin leads us into the next scene…

4) … of Asmodeus intelligence unit.
a) They have gathered up all the sins of our Buildar Heroes… who it turns out were not considered heroes at all. This can be a humorous moment as we go through (starting with Ike during his time at Gribale) what each and every Player Character has done in his life that would disqualify them as heroes in any other fantasy setting but our own.

b) This is also the moment that Asmodeus will make his offer (based on player personality and character history) of giving them their heart's desire. Perhaps
for Dareth it is an answer to the riddle with the lights in the sky? I think one cool thing to do would that if the players refuse in heroic fashion that whatever is offered is taken off the table… Want the answer to the lights? Well we just killed the man who could explain it. Does Werric want to find the answer to The Crimson Strand's plot? Well we just burned The Crimson Keep. I think we should do some serious world-breaking… it shouldn't be just a join us or not scenario. Because we have already "killed the characters" after all.

c) After Asmodeus goes through his recruitement spill, he notices that D.B. is not amongst the group. “Where is the dragonborn?” The answer comes meekly from one of his men, “My lord, there was some complications with the dragonborn. Our, uh, own dragonborn, got a bit overzealous during his battle with, uh, their dragonborn, and uh… well D.B.’s really dead. Not fake dead like these here.” Asmodeus has his “uh” man killed.

d) This scene also introduces what will soon become a nemesis of Mountainbeard’s, the leader of Asmodeus intelligence gathering unit, whose job it is to know how to get to anyone; be it money, sex, or death that is necessary for Asmodeus to achieve his goals. The leader of this unit (need a suitably villainous name) has been on to Mountainbeard’s role as Asmodeus assistant for quite some time… and he also has gathered some intelligence that may prove to break the PCs… especially if any of them have any sympathies to Dorthone.

5) The Elves of Dorthone have arrived, as well as the Lamascans.
a) We need a scene here that sets up what Seras has done, from the leader of the elves.
b) The leader of the Lamascan group has come demanding answers over “their man”, who they presume dead. They are looking for their spy, D.B. and presume him to be dead for he has not reported with his weekly dead drop.
c) The Elves have been setup to fight the Lamascans, and a horrific war is waged right in the middle of Buildar. This should some good action scenes for not only Edgar but also a whole new selection of PCs. Not only will this set up some characters for future campaigns, but I think we should legitimately let the players
decide through battle tactics (much like your Firefly: Assassins episode) what buildings get destroyed, who lives, who dies. I suggest we do my old Mutants & Masterminds idea of Axis vs. Allies. Half our players fight for the Lamascans, half for the Elves. In this instance, Josh would most likely have Ellias already and Keith already has Edgar. That leaves Dusty/Corey/Rancid/ to divide up, and them either one of us, or both of us NPCing one side of the battle. Regardless of who is winning, Carrion's use of the island finally comes into places and used as a weapon to wipe out all of the participants. The town of Buildar is over.

6) Lord Crimson sits over a desolated Buildar.
a) The Lady of Red/Sarlansa comes to comfort him. “Isn’t this what you wanted? Isn’t this just the beginning?” Carrion responds that perhaps if they could have found Willy it wouldn’t have come to this.

7) Where Willy has been.
a) Asmodeus Intelligence Leader reveals that Asmodeus captured Willy, as too much had been spent in setting up Buildar as his new base of operations. “After a man can’t even trust his wedding ceremony for safety, our lord needed a proper place to hang his head. A place where a demon wouldn’t warrant the attention of authorities. Where no heroes lived to meddle in our affairs.” It is revealed that the underground complex was too far along, thanks to “a boisterous but foolish architect who made Asmodeus list” and the arrival of Willy couldn’t be tolerated this time, as it was in Gribale.
b) However even a “hero” such as Willy has his demons, as the Intelligence Leader will reveal. “Can you believe this poet, this singer of peace, and defender of Dorthone is actually the one who broke that kingdom’s back? A simple thief, who robbed Eldros Elenesse blind, while taking all the glory of a savior to his death. Unfortunately for Willy, he is once again much alive, and so to will his secret unless the rest of you (those who don’t initially agree to side with Asmodeus) pledge to join Asmodeus for this battle against Carrion. After that you may go your own way…”

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