Cabinet of Faces

A mysterious organizations mentioned in a note found by Fenrir on the body of a changeling assassin, 86. Mentions several people and places foreign to the known world of Seldren.

Came from a place known as Khorvaire, through something described only as the "Cyre Gate". Currently seeking the completion of Operation Homeward Bound.

Based on the member encountered, and the cryptic names used to describe each member (Using numbers, rather than names), it is likely to be a secretive organzation, relying on deception, disguise, and agents that are capable of changing their appearance.

Key Members

  • 2: Responsible for the exile of 86, and the organization of Operation Homeward Bound. May still be stationed out of "Khorvaire".
  • 6: Based on the context in the note, appears to be in charge of an expeditionary force tracking a rogue member of the group.
  • 86: An assassin charged with guarding the gate at Muscle Tower. Slain by Fenrir and the Col'm Shar. Mishandled the "Walsteth Affair", allowed 94 to escape, and caused the failure of "Operation Gantz"
  • 94: An apparent rogue member of the organization, being tracked by 6.
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