Carrion (Lord Crimson)

Tiefling Warlock


The founder of The Crimson Strand, Carrion was first mentioned by name in a flashback to the day Werric quit the Crimson Strand. Werric believed Carrion to be out of control and dangerous. The gold mask by his statue in the Crimson Strand Keep led Dareth to deduce that Carrion was Lord Crimson himself, whom the Buildar heroes had encountered previously. Lord Crimson disguised himself with a gold mask, keeping his identity at the time a secret.

It was also Carrion who recruited the Lady with Red Hair, as well as had Thedra and Garthur kidnapped. The Buildar group also watched Carrion, who was disguised as Lord Crimson at the time, drink two vials of Tiefling blood, that of Batsa and Etriga.

Ponsa has had previous dealings with Carrion, as she was the head of security for Asmodeus, the former leader of the Nine Hells. She watched in horror as Asmodeus was assassinated on the day of his wedding by Carrion himself. Carrion has appeared to have completed his goal of staging a coup within the Nine Hells.




The island floating above Buildar.


Former leader of The Crimson Strand, now a ruthless conqueror who seeks mayhem.


  • Members of the Nine Hells


  • Asmodeus
  • Ponsa
  • The citizens of Buildar

Long-term Goals


Short-term Goals

Scare the citizens of Buildar.


The City of Buildar

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