The Chronicles of Cousin Cyrus - Episode 1

A Wasteland of a Home (Mike GM - 10/09/09)

A young prince from the Cyrus family has been away from his kingdom of Dorthone for quite some time. Sent away (like many others who share the royal bloodline) during the Dorthone/Bludchok Hai war, the 12-year old son of Dorthone who likes to go by K.Y. is returning after years of his training in "manliness".

His trainers/mentors are two Goliath brothers, Kardok a strong and adoring fan of anything combat related, and Arby Ged who retains a more mystical approach to the world, along with the ability to smack someone very unkindly with his quarterstaff.

Rock Punchgran meanwhile has seen it as his life's work to protect the bloodlines of Dorthone, being a member of The Order of The Silver Scale.

Oh, and there's also a drummer, who the young Cyrus handpicked, both for his "devilish appearance" and his ability to announce the arrival of the young prince with his drums.

As the war has ended, this company is making its way back home, all in anticipation of serving at the crown of Cyrus. But first… the young prince demands that the company track him a bear, so that he may kill it and prove himself for the day.

"But sir," Rock begins, "Isn't there more pressin-"

"A BEAR!" the young prince demands.

"Yes, sir," the paladin has resigned himself to these daily whims of royalty.

Kardok, always looking for a fight, chimes in with some advice, "I think the best way to track a bear would be that-"

K.Y. interrupts and points in the opposite direction of Kardok, an utter wastesland of charred battlefields where it appears nothing has grown for years. Kardok would have guess the woods would have been the best bet, but he is dealing with a future king, so…

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