Cliff of Collinor

The location of the Dorthonian refugee camp located in The Mountains of Misplacement.


Founded by a group of Elves from Dorthone, led by an elderly priest of Sehanine named Collinor, who fled the destruction of the war with the orcs around their Kingdom. Has seen a constant stream of elves arriving since it's founding.

Before the fall of Buildar, Ellias Lagorn arrived and took a large amount of the able bodied soldiers with him to confront Seras and his men. Many of these elves perished thanks to the effects of a shipment of Red X Ale.

Left with just 20 able bodied soldiers, a vote was cast to put an elf known as Tasatir in charge of the Cliff. He defended the camp successfully, growing his numbers again thanks to the steady influx of new refugees.

After the unsuccessful coup by the Col'm Shar, the leader of the group, Wrothgar, arrived in the camp. He became King in Exile of Dorthone, determined to restore the kingdom to it's former glory, and train the elves into a force able to take back the city, until he and many of his men were ambushed by an orc brigade looking to capture the bounty on Wrothgar's head.

With all ranks of leadership gone, the Cliff's were taken over by an elderly elf named Maewen, who prepared to abandon the Cliff, to find a safer location for the elves under her watch. It was during this short time that Goodspeed's Good Men arrived, seeking Wrothgar. She holds out some hope that the Good Men will be able to rescue her King, but hope is something that the elves of the Cliff of Collinor have known to forgo.


  • Maewen - Leader of the Cliff in Wrothgar's stead.

Former Residents

  • Wrothgar - King in Exile of Dorthone, and leader of the Cliff of Collinor. Ambushed by orcs of the Goldtooth Clan.
  • Tasartir - Second in command of the Cliff of Collinor. Ambushed by orcs of the Goldtooth Clan, and killed by a fire set by Abraham Goodspeed.


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