Col'm Shar

A small, tight knit band of Elves in direct service to the royal family of Dorthone. Known in common as The King's Wrath, the Col'm Shar have made a name for themselves by doing whatever dirty work King Eldros Elenesse required. The unit was crucial to the defense of Dorthone in the war against the orcs, thanks in part to their training in infiltration and sabotage.

Recently, allegations have surfaced that paint members of the Col'm Shar in a much darker light. There has been allegations that they are behind the Grom'Thrash slaughter, destroying an orcish farming village and sparking the war between Dorthone and the orcs. Also, there has been some mention that an action has sparked tenuous peace treaty between the two to be strained.

The orcs currently believe the Col'm Shar to be dead, killed in battle with one of the few surviving members of the Grom'Thrash slaughter. As such, the Col'm Shar have been exiled from Dorthone, until the day that they are needed again.


* Beiro - Cleric of the group, known for extreme racism toward the Orcs. Also shown to have a penchant for execution. Current whereabouts: Unknown.

* Calour - Invoker, and source of divine wrath amongst the group. Quiet personality. Current whereabouts: Unknown

* Fenrir Volon - Personal bodyguard of Queen Thedra. Shown to have misogynistic tendencies. Thedra is worried about his mental state, especially given the events that occured within Muscle Tower. Current Whereabouts: Unknown

* Madyrn Maer - Avenger and devotee of Kord, the god of Battle. A relentless pursuer, Madyrn has taken the task of tracking down the assassin Seras, a task that has begun to border on obsession. Current Whereabouts: Unknown

* Manthwe - One of the two rangers of the Col'm Shar. An excellent tracker, and deadeye with a bow. Current Whereabouts: Unknown

* Palanir - The bard responsible for chronicling the groups actions. Has a knack for seeing and knowing things before they occur. Current Whereabouts: Unknown

* Talai - One of the two rangers of the Col'm Shar, a master with twin blades. Betrayed the group, and executed by Manthwe. Current Whereabouts: Deceased

* Wrothgar - Militaristic leader of the group. A man of few words, and contains a very vicious attitude. Shows no fear in battle. Current Whereabouts: Unknown

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