Eladrin Wizard - Player (Josh)


Resident scholar and sage to the town of Buildar. Concerned by the strange lights that appear over the town of Buildar, but cannot be seen from the town itself. Has a contempt for most of the people in the town, as they constantly interrupt his work. Dareth sometimes uses questionable means to continue his work, as was seen when he abducted several of Buildar's citizens in an attempt to uncover the mystery of the poisonous alcohol.

Dareth was kidnapped during the killings of Buildar's heroes. He was chased and framed for the attempted murder of his assistant, Tomleey. As he was chased, Dareth carried the only book that was of importance to him. After he was attacked in the woods he began to rip the pages out of his book, his last act before the old man was captured by Asmodeus.






Scholar and sage to the town of Buildar.


  • The Griswaldians


Long-term Goals

Finish his work.

Short-term Goals

Finish his work.


The Town of Buildar

  • Episode 1 - Settling in Buildar (Mike GM 10/21/08)
  • Episode 3 - Dareth's Eye for an Eye (Josh GM - 10/28/08)
  • Episode 4 - Finding a New Town Deputy‚Ķ In Prison (Mike GM - 11/04/08)
  • Episode 7 - Business As Usual (Adam GM - 11/12/08)
  • Episode 8 - Cap'n Jack & The Crimson Strand (Keith GM - 11/12/08)
  • Episode 9 - The Tiefling Connection (Dusty GM - 11/19/08)
  • Episode 10 - There's Something in the Blood (Josh GM - 11/19/08)
  • Episode 11 - Last Stand of The Crimson Strand (Adam GM - 11/25/08)
  • Episode 13 - The Return of Eldros' Bane (Keith GM - 12/03/08)
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