Door or Window

Tiefling Rogue - Mike in Goodspeed's Good Men


Tiefling who resides in the town of Jesnic, and is a member of the local militia. Has seven children throughout a variety of cities, including Jesnic. His name is a reference to his quest as a Tiefling, that whether it be through a door, or a window, he will get into where he wants to be (and likely rob it)


Member of the group that was volunteered by Abraham Goodspeed to embark on a quest to return Dorthone to it's former glory, offered by Edgar Lighthammer

Door or Window proved to be the most at least of the group while in the town of Gribale, spending his free time robbing from members of the Hardbottle Thieves Guild that were working at the Happy Halfling tavern. Door or Window proved the most adept in the sewers as well, detecting several traps, and disarming them (by running past them at a high speed). Later in Gribale, his abilities were required to recover most of Goodspeed's possessions, after he was robbed blind while shopping for supplies. Confronting a weaponsmith who appeared to have Goodspeed's stolen sword, Door or Window became irate when the halfling escape, and wrecked his shop, only to discover a magical dagger amongst his wares.

At the mansion of the elf Kalias, Door or Window chose Window, quickly slipping into the mansion with Thomas the Decent. Discovering the location of Kalias' vault, Door or Window was in awe of it's magnificence. But this provoked his ire. Why was this elf, who had hired some "yokels from Mudville", not using his wealth for a greater cause?

Door or Window proved integral in the rescue of Colour. While August Justicar and Abraham Goodspeed were dealing with the Dorthonian Guards outside of the Temple of Eternal Spring, Door or Window and Thomas snuck in to speak to the priest, who were being held against their will by the guards outside. They quickly determined from the priests that Colour had been taken by a large contingent of elves, and was on his way back to Dorthone. Door or Window and Thomas quickly took off, running past their comrades, who later scooped them up in a display of amazing acrobatics onto their horses. Thanks to a path created by Goodspeed, Door or Window was able to make it through the army contingent that was escorting Colour, and free his bindings, ending the fight.

Returning to Kalias's mansion, Door or Window once again took issue to Kalias's wealth, demanding more money for traveling expenses, and wanting to know what was being done to protect Jesnic. Kalias assured the tiefling that his wealth was being used properly.

In Halton, in an attempt to find a halfling named Del, who was the last to see the elf Manthwe, Door or Window took more interest in the large group of drunken Griswaldians that resided in Halton. Working his way through the crowd, but only stealing from what he could discern as married halflings, Door or Window made a killing…until he saw her. Amber, the halfling of his dreams, and hopeful mother to child number eight. Using his tail as a bluff on his "package", Door or Window flirted with Amber. August Justicar almost ruined the moment by approaching Door or Window, prompting Amber to ask if he was an adventurer, and when he answered yes, stating "I don't like adventurers…"

Door or Window quickly recovered, pretending to drop a large sack of gold to impress the girl. Taking him back to a campsite, they engaged in an intimate moment. Amber quickly left…along with half of what Door or Window had in his coin purse. Rushing through the crowd to find her, Door or Window found Amber working on her next mark. Stealing his gold, and roughing him up, Door or Window convinced him to leave, and demanded his money back. Which Amber agreed to trade, for what he stole from the man, minus a fee.

After a fight breaks out between Abraham and Thomas, Door or Window quickly takes to betting on the fight, putting his money on Abraham (Who he feels has better odds in the fight). After winning a good amount of money because of Thomas throwing the fight, Door or Window quickly takes off to find Amber again. He is in love, and is determined to find her. Finding out that she is saving up money to retire somewhere nice, Door or Window tells her he knows of a place. Rellin, the city on the sea where retired adventurers go. She tells him to go and find it, and come back for her. With that, he rides in search of Rellin with the rest of the Good Men.

Door or Window proves vital in the fight against Seras and his men when they arrive in Rellin, thanks to Goodspeed leaving a trail for them. Shooting one of the men through a window, and then swapping places with August, he likely saved August's life from the hands of Seras's lieutenant, and helped to convince Manthwe to leave without searching for Madyrn Maer (After her sacrifice to remove Seras from the battlefield).

Door or Window's frustrations boil over while on the way to the Mountains of Misplacement to find Wrothgar. When asked by Manthwe why they got involved, Door or Window can only provide money as an answer, and he doesn't understand why this group is involved in something that is clearly out of their league. He argues with Abraham about this matter, before finally departing with the group for the Mountains.

Arriving at the refugee camp, Door or Window draws a line in the dirt and issues a challenge for Wrothgar to "Come outside and make his mark", referencing the fact that Door or Window just wanted a signature from the elf, stating that he wasn't coming back. The party is dismayed to find out that Wrothgar has already been captured. Door or Window is the first to recommend going to the Col'm Shar for help, rather than trying to track him down themselves, and leaves for Kalias's mansion with August.

His intentions are not to return to Kalias's mansion though. Not yet at least. Instead he intends to return to Jesnic, to check on the city. Arriving and finding a large contingent of dead soldiers (Which Kalias had hired to protect the city), he quickly rushes to his house, only to be stopped by Tucker, the town blacksmith, who tells him that they were gone too long…


  • Alive and angry


  • Jesnic


  • Militia Member
  • Opportunist


  • Find out what happened to the children of Jesnic.
  • Retrieve the gold from Kalias's vault
  • Find a place to retire with Amber
  • Kill Abraham Goodspeed



STR: 12
CON: 12
DEX: 17
INT: 10
WIS: 14
CHA: 18

AC: 16
FORT: 11
REF: 15
WILL: 14

MAX HP: 29


  • BLUFF: 11
  • INSIGHT: 7
  • STEALTH: 10










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