Elvish Kingdom in the southeastern section of the continent of Taern.

Currently suffering through a Great Depression due to the loss of their treasury funds, presumably to Orcish infiltrators during the Great War. The citizens of Dorthone also endured the loss of their king, Eldros Elenesse' during the Great War. He was assassinated by Seras, a traitor of the Order of the Silver Scale. Many of the citizens of Dorthone left the city and traveled northwest in search of a better life during the Depression. During the depression the Elvish capitol was led by Rumil Elensar, the Steward of Dorthone.


Dorthone has currently undergone another change in leadership. Rumil Elensar has relinquished his duties and handed the throne over to the rightful heir, the newly crowned Queen Thedra. Thedra now wrestles with the secrets and questions left behind by her father, the late Eldros Elenesse'. Thedra's current agenda is to restore Dorthone to it's rightful place among the land of Taern. And to do that, she believes she must uncover the truth to what went wrong in the past. Here are just a few of her immediate questions that are steeped in Dorthone's history…

  • Who hired the paladin Seras to carry out the assassination of King Eldros Elenesse'?
  • Why did the Lamascans betray Dorthone?
  • How were the orcs able to drain the royal treasury when they were ultimately defeated in battle?
  • Why was the Damned Eight formed?
  • How are the eight linked to the fall of Dorthone?

Season One


  • Beiro - Cleric
  • Calour - Invoker
  • Fenrir Volon - Warden
  • Madyrn Maer - Avenger
  • Manthwe - Ranger
  • Palanir - Bard
  • Talai - Ranger
  • Wrothgar - Warlord

Episode 1 - Final Crossing of Kylaes Bridge (Mike GM - 11/05/09)

Episode 2 - A Caravan of Suspicion (Keith GM - 11/12/09)

Episode 3 - The Cleric's Tale (Adam GM - 11/17/09)

Episode 4 - Seras Ter Pai (Adam GM - 3/05/10)

Episode 5 - Treaty at Muscle Tower (Adam GM - 3/19/10)

Episode 6 - The Defendant and His Attorney (Adam GM - 3/19/10)

Episode 7 - Prisoners of Muscle Tower (Keith GM - 4/2/10)

Episode 8 - The Coming and Going of Enemies (Keith GM - 4/23/10)

Episode 9 - Choice of the Damned (Keith GM - 5/7/10)

Episode 10 - An Eye To The Future (Mike GM - 5/21/10)

Episode 11 - Wrothgar's Gate (Mike GM - 6/4/10)

Episode 12 - Wrath of the King's Past (Mike GM - 6/18/10)

Episode 13 - God Save the Queen (Adam GM - 7/16/10)


  • The Late King Eldros Elenesse'
  • Queen Thedra
  • Rumil Elensar
  • Beiro
  • Calour
  • Fenrir Volon
  • Madyrn Maer
  • Manthwe
  • Palanir
  • Talai
  • Wrothgar
  • Gyr Falaise
  • Kylaes
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