Dorthone - Episode 9

Choice of the Damned (Keith GM - 5/7/10)

The chaos in the city of Dorthone has finally begun to settle down. Most of the mob have resigned themselves to the fact that Seras is out of their grasp, as are the members of the jury that freed him. Anger still runs rampant through the streets, but there are more important tasks to deal with.

The remaining members of the "Dorthonian Death Squad", the Col'm Shar, have been assigned a special task by Queen Thedra.

In light of the orc attacks through the catacombs, Thedra is busy with what remains of her military advisers, trying to shore up the defenses of the city to prepare for the army that has begun to amass. Wrtohgar and Palanir escort the queen to the meeting, and intend to lend military knowledge that they have to the defense of the city, as well as to inform the advisers of the Queen about what Palanir found in the forest.

Fenrir and Manthwe are sent to find out what the halfling, currently being kept in Thedra's personal chambers, means when he says that he is responsible for the fall of Dorthone.

"Yes, I am responsible for the fall of Dorthone."

The halfling says it so matter of factly that Fenrir and Manthwe are taken aback.

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