Edgar Lighthammer

Human Paladin - Player (Keith)


Little is known about Edgar's past. What is known is that he and his older brother Roland joined the Order of the Silver Scale after the Great War, while Edgar was still a young man. Edgar acted as squire to some of the more prestigious paladins that served during the heyday of the Order of the Silver Scale. His years of training have led to the respect he garners from his peers. While not the strongest member of the Order, he is looked up to often as one of the leaders of the Order, second in command only to Emerson Flaghart.

Unfortunately, Edgar's years of training weren't enough to detect the infiltration of the Order by an agent of evil, the "Paladin" known as Seras. It was Seras that was responsible for the death of Edgar's brother, and before Edgar could realize this fact, Seras used his position in the order to go on a mission with Edgar and a fellow paladin, Garthur, to the Elven lands of Dorthone. They sought to protect the Elven king, who's kingdom has been ravaged by a long war with neighboring orcs. Seras used this chance to assassinate the King, and fled the city.

Since then, Edgar has been on a quest for redemption. He believes his lapse in clarity allowed evil to gain the upper-hand on Taern. He has since attempted to seek out ways to improve his senses, as well as snuff out evil wherever it has taken hold. It is this quest that led to his dealings with the mysterious "faceless" Elves of the Forest of Laerndale, as well as his attempts to purge the city of Buildar of the darkness that grasped onto the city.

He aided a Dwarven ally that he had originally met in the city of Dorthone, Rake Lighthammer (also known as Mountainbeard), as well as the other residents of the city, snuff out both the evil of the remnants of the Crimson Strand, led by a man named Carrion, as well as the forces of the Demon Lord Asmodeus, who had a giant floating island constructed above the city.

Since the "fall" of Buildar, Edgar hasn't been seen. He's kept limited contact with the Order…just enough to let them know he is still alive, and working on something important.


Living, currently in hiding


Buildar, Rastonia


Member of the Order of the Silver Scale.


  • The Champions of Buildar
  • Princess Thedra and the Elven Kingdom of Dorthone.


Long-term Goals

Seek vengeance for the near extinction of the Order of the Silver Scale, and snuff out evil wherever it may lie. Find Seras, find out who hired him, and kill him.

Short-term Goals


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