Edward Geinard

Elf Scoundrel - Mike in The Wrong Party


A polite, clean-looking elf who loves his mother and appreciates the beauty of all women. Loves long walks in the woods, hand in hand with a pretty young girl while watching birds and singing songs.

Quite the seamstress of women's dresses and women.

Is best friends with Marquis Razvan D'Krov. Once held hands with Aglaina the Foesbane and has an undying crush on the dwarf king. Shares custody of a hyena named Wilt with Hana the Honeybadger. They all hunt for slizz together. On that same note, shares lady skin with Jean-Baptiste.

Lives a quiet, pleasant life on a farm in Dorthone with his mom.

Owns a respectable sized penis, but a massive d12 set of nuts.

Doesn't like the cold. More of a margaritaville kind of guy.


Alive and Creepy


A Good Son



Long Term Goals

Short Term Goals

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