A group of mysterious intellectuals, sorcerers, wizards, and researchers that formed together as a surprising war party that invaded without warning the land of Himtarn Islands in the Southern Sea of Fanew, located south of the Krell Caverns in Taern.

Little is known about the origins of this group, but the motives can be ascertained to have something to do with the natural resources located on the Himtarn Islands, and little to do with the people who reside there (mostly vagabonds). As the citizens of Himtarn do not represent a united culture, and many do not consider the Islands there homelands, the Electas were able to make their move upon them with relative ease, though not without some resistance being formed. To that, the Electas have put out effective propaganda to gain the aid of the Himtarn citizens in stemming any resistance to their work on the Islands, as well as promises of a shared fortune once the Electas researchers find what they are looking for.

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