Ellias Lagorn

Status: Deceased

Elven Fighter from the kingdom of Dorthone, came to the town of Gribale seeking aid against the orcs assaulting his kingdom. Aided the heroes of Gribale in their defense of the Kingdom. Attempted to atone for his betrayal by aiding in a heist on his kingdom's treasury, as well as grieving for the loss of his dear friend Willy by rallying an army of refugees in The Mountains of Misplacement for The Battle of Buildar. Survived the battle, along with Willy, and both later admitted to their guilt at The Trial of Seras. Afterwards, a member of the Kolm Shar, Calour, found Ellias poisoned to death, presumably by The Elf Killing Drink. Ellias' head was later awarded to Queen Thedra by his former friend, Porter, whom Ellias ratted out as responsible for the Dorthone Heist.

During Thedra's reign of Dorthone, Ellias' head rested on a block next to her throne.

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