ANVIL - Episode 3

Big Dicks and The Ballad of Ricky Spanish (Adam GM - 1/3/13)

Sarkhelm, the guild leader of ANVIL, awaits answers from the group regarding the return of his son Sorkar. The group explains that in the process of finding and returning Sorkar, they had to burn through all of Sarkhelm's money that his son stole. Unhappy with this response, Sarkhelm then inquires about the group's missing companion, Ricky Spanish. He is unpleased to find that the group cannot confirm whether or not Ricky was killed or if he is still alive.

"He knows many of the guild secrets, it would be unwise to let him fall into the wrong hands." says Sarkhelm.

Another member of ANVIL is present in the room during this conversation… A half-orc named Smaghed. He notices that the group is acting considerably nervous about the prospect of returning to the town of Sippa to investigate Ricky's disappearance. Donald Victus and Mace Shieldskin begin arming themselves as if they are about to take on an entire army.

"I need some of you for another mission." Sarkhelm explains. He tells them of an ancient underground tomb known only as "The Library" which is rumored to have a hidden entrance somewhere around or near the city of Coldhedge. "There is a book within this Library. It's old and tattered, has leather binding… It's called The Foundation."

Geza and Smaghed split from the rest of the group and head to Coldhedge to investigate the rumors of this library. When they arrive they notice a potions shop, which they deduce would be a place where someone might have heard rumors of ancient books. Upon arriving at the entrance they see a sign for the shop that reads "Nex & Nar's Potions & Sweets"

Two goblin brothers named Nex & Nar run the potions shop in Coldhedge. Their store is built into a large hill. Geza and Smaghed begin asking questions about books and inspecting potions in an intimidating manner. The goblins play dumb and pretend they don't know of any books or libraries. Geza drinks one of the potions while Smaghed bangs his staff against the store counter, breaking a few potion bottles in the process. Geza begins to get a large erection… Seemingly due to the potion he just drank. Smaghed sees this and begins pocketing the rest of the potions where Geza had pulled his from. Smaghed knocks Nex unconscious. Nar, who is starting to get a little worried, begins to reveal that they may know of some "books" that they could get their hands on. When Nex awakes the two goblin brothers begin to converse in private. They offer a proposition to the adventurers.

"We will give you three options. One, kill us. But then you will never know how to enter the Library. Two, there is a tiefling by the name of Maznek…"

"Let me guess, you want us to kill him." says Geza.

"Precisely." says Nar.

"What did this tiefling do?" asks Smaghed.

"Ah, he is responsible for getting our other brother, Nat, arrested. You see, Nat was stealing trade secrets from another potions dealer out of Sippa. We want revenge."

"And the third option?" asks Smaghed.

"You can track down our brother, rescue him and bring him back to us." says Nex.

Ricky awakes to find himself chained to a post in what looks to be a fighting pit made in the middle of town. Next to him is a goblin (Nat), who is chained up as well. The female gnome (Olenstra) stands in the middle of the pit. The pit seems to be surrounded by all of the townsfolk of Sippa.

“You and your comrades came to our beloved town, razed our tavern, murdered two shopkeepers, and spat on my hospitality. You were poisoned. I cured you. I thought you could be one of us, but your comrades left before they could be judged for their crimes. You must stand in their place.” She looks over to the goblin. “And you stole secrets that did not belong to you. All so you could make a profit. This town has no use for garbage such as the two of you. But our customs make it so that one of you should rise and be born again. You will fight each other to the death. The victor will earn his place as a citizen of Sippa.”

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