Feldun Mining Company

A noble group of deliverymen, known as the Pollywogs, run into trouble when asked to make a delivery for a high profile client.


  • Toryg - Githzerai Seeker (Mike)
  • [Insert Name] - An Old Woman of a Wizard(Patrick)
  • Trelvan - Seeker Monk (Keith)
  • [Insert Name and Race] - Paladin (Shane)

Supporting Characters:

  • Dan from Work
  • King Fordred

Supporting Locations:
The Motley Jug

Briefing Dan on the first job: Patrick: "Well…we put the ore in the cart…"
Dan: "You don't have to do this job: Trelvan: "But…we will."
Dan, to Shane: "Inter office relationships never work."
Patrick: "These old bones aren't used to staying up late." Toryg: "You'd think they would be, you've got experience"
Unknown source: "Shitville McShitty on the Shitty Forest"

Episode 1 - Eli's Coming (Jared GM - 11/19/10)

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