Fenrir Volon

Elf Warden - Adam in Dorthone


If you were to stumble into a tavern late at night, you might happen upon the name "Dead Eye Volon." Of course, the bartender wouldn't be able to tell you much except that Dead Eye is a dangerous elf who wears an eye-patch.

The nickname is double sided: Some would take the name to refer to the left eye that sits motionless in its socket, covered only by the thick black patch. Others would tell you that the name came from the elf's other eye. An eye so sharp that the elf could pierce an orc's heart from almost half a league away. How Dead Eye lost his eye is unknown, it happened sometime after the war.

Most remember the elf before the Great War as Fenrir, a mysterious elf who served under King Eldros Elenesse. His heart and soul were bred for war. He was loyal to his comrades, but a nightmare to his enemies on the battlefield. Some of Fenrir's war comrades would be able to tell you that he had a strange essence about him. He was very attune to nature, and seemed to always fair better in the forests. Some claim they would see him charge into a forest after an entire horde of the Bludchok-Hai, only to hear the screams and gargles of what could only be orcs in agony.

Fenrir's reputation gained him a very important job after the Great War. He was given the sole duty of the protection of Princess Thedra. Through this job he came upon a secret that not even the king himself knew about, a love affair with a paladin from the holy order. Fenrir was quick to confront the paladin and do his best to ward him off. The paladin was however persistent in his desire for the princess. Fenrir was fond of Thedra, and looked on her as a daughter. And so he allowed the secret to continue in order to keep the princess happy.

And so it happened that the night the King was murdered, Fenrir had taken the night off. Seeing as how the paladin was coming into the kingdom for the night and by this time Fenrir trusted him enough to know that he too desired Thedra's safety and well being. After Fenrir heard the news of the king's death and Thedra's abduction, he set out on his own to confront the paladin of whom he had trusted.

It's unknown if Fenrir ever found the paladin who stole Thedra's heart. But those who remember that night remember it was the last time they saw Fenrir in Dorthone.

Rumors came to pass that Fenrir was captured by pirates out on the open seas. But it wasn't long that new rumors spread that talked of a dangerous elven pirate who wore an eye-patch and showed no mercy to his enemies. Many began to wonder if this scarred, vicious elf known as Dead Eye Volon was in fact the Fenrir Volon of Dorthone.

Some of these stories may only just be stories. But one thing anyone could tell you that is true about Fenrir Volon: If Fenrir considered you a friend, he would protect you with his life.

If the rumors are true that Princess Thedra is still alive out there, you can be sure that Fenrir is watching for her captors… And waiting.



Known Aliases

  • Dead Eye Volon




  • Former member of the Col'm Shar, an order dedicated to hunting down and silencing the enemies of Dorthone, known in common as the King's Wrath.
  • Former bodyguard of Princess Thedra.
  • Former pirate on the open seas.
  • Now serves as a member of the revived Col'm Shar, working for the good of Dorthone and currently taking orders directly from Queen Thedra herself.


  • Queen Thedra
  • Beiro
  • Calour
  • Madyrn Maer
  • Manthwe
  • Palanir
  • Wrothgar


  • Seras
  • The Orcs of the Bludchok-Hai

Long-term Goals

Protect Queen Thedra and Dorthone. Rebuild the city to what it once was. Punish those responsible for the death of the King and the downfall of Dorthone.

Short-term Goals

Deal with the current orc situation. Calm the growing mob in Dorthone that witnessed the trial of Seras and witnessed Willy's confession.

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