Franz Loves Children... So Much

Shane GM (2/21/2018)

The party returns William home, and after Lord Blackmoor refutes their claims against his sister, leave the Blackmoors' to their fate with each other.

The group travels back to firewatch keep and through the aqueduct overnight to reach Rose Pike.

After revealing themselves the following day they are escorted to the manor and taken to see different masters. Rikki Jankus and Franz are taken to Lady Lisandra (Succubus) and Hanz and Tedrick are taken to see Lord Kassadin (Incubus). They have enthralled the women of the town and imprisoned the men. The men also seem to be enthralled and are being used for some purpose beneath the manor/mines.

Rikki Jankus is given a job as a medic/doctor where he encounters his doppleganger and smothers him to death.

Franz is enthralled by the succubus and taken to a cell where he is later rescued by Hanz.

Tedrick, in a drunken state, heads to meet Kassadin for dinner and is instead placed in Franz's cell.

The rest of the party encounter a dragonborn female entering the manor shortly after Tedrick.

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