Human Paladin - Josh in Buildar


A paladin and member of the Order of the Silver Scale. One of the only paladins to survive the near extinction of the Holy Order. Garthur played a vital role in the now legendary events of the assassination of King Eldros. Having been the first to discover Seras' true motive, Garthur cornered Seras in the king's bedchamber. During the confrontation, Garthur sacrificed himself to save Edgar Lighthammer from certain death, thus getting mortally wounded in the process. It was unknown if Garthur survived the attack from Seras, but many guessed it was highly unlikely.

Many in Dorthone suspect that it was Garthur who had been the one to steal the heart of the Elven princess, Thedra. Princess Thedra also vanished after the night of the king's assassination, leading many to believe that there was more than one conspirator in the death of King Eldros.

Garthur came to the town of Buildar one year after his supposed death garbed in a dark cloak, disguising his identity. He only revealed his true identity to Edgar Lighthammer, claiming that the War was coming to Buildar. It was here that Garthur also hired two Tieflings, Batsa and Etriga, to track down a package and bring it to him. The package turned out to be an unconscious Princess Thedra.

Garthur later met his end in Buildar when a trio of halfling assassins, hired by Seras, came to Buidar from Lamascus to eliminate three targets. Garthur was one of the three as was revealed in a letter taken from the halfling Fendley. Garthur's body was found in the Inn with his throat slit. His death pushed Edgar to a maddening search for the last assassin as well as the man who hired him, Seras.






Member of the Order of the Silver Scale.


  • Princess Thedra


  • Lady with Red Hair

Long-term Goals

Find Seras. Kill him.

Short-term Goals

The same.

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