Gateway of Muscle Tower

A large gateway set in the floor of the second level of Muscle Tower. Despite there being floors below the gate, the gate does not exit to these floors. The gate seemingly exits to a foreign land. There is some debate as to whether this is a distant land on an undiscovered continent, or if this is a gateway to an entirely new world. Surrounding the gate are a large set of prison cells, which hold individuals that the orcs have forced through the gate (Or creatures that have came from the gate).

The gates presence is the reason Muscle Tower is constructed as it is. The orcs have begun to dig deeper and deeper into the earth, trying to uncover similar treasures.

Entities that have come from the gate

  • Large mechanical men, who refer to themselves as "Warforged"
  • A pair of odd elves, who do not dress as any of the elves on Taern, and who have a set of strange, glowing tattoos on their bodies.
  • An entity known only as…The Creeper

Individuals known to have gone through the gate

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