Dragonborn Paladin - Player (Mike)


Gelard grew up with tragedy but somehow escaped with an optimism for life that borders on naive, and perhaps even obnoxious if one finds himself at the end of both Gelard's dual blades and his penchant for giving a stirring lecture. Though the dragonborn's father died on a mission for The Order of The Silver Scale, Gelard was never deterred from becoming a paladin of The Scale as he views the only way to live life is as an honest and good person. The fact that being a professional "honest and good person" leads one to smiting evil brings Gelard all the pleasure he needs, and makes passing up on all the sinful things in Taern all the easier.




Wherever The Order of The Silver Scale has need for him.


Paladin of The Order of The Silver Scale.


  • Any member of The Silver Scale (perhaps with one traitorous exception).
  • Big Hand, his apprentice and partner in The Silver Scale.


  • None, all can be led to the path of right.

Long-term Goals

  • Lead a good and decent life, and hopefully save those that can be saved.

Short-term Goals

  • Find Magnus and Kelgore, two criminals hiding in The Mountains of Misplacement.


The Order of The Silver Scale

  • Episode 1 - Enter the Dragonslayers (Adam GM - 10/29/09)
  • Episode 2 - The Mischievous Men in the Mountains (Adam GM - TBA)
  • Episode 3 - A Much Bigger Problem (Adam GM - TBA)
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