Ghizwinkle's Gate

A gateway located in the town of Soyarz's Green, just north of Lindure, constructed by Lottos Ghizwinkle as part of his experiments, thanks to the funding of the Falkland Group. Designed to open up a gateway to an alternate reality, which Lottos theorizes are stacked upon each other, out of sync from each other.

It's initial activation proved catastrophic, destroying the town and killing all the inhabitants (Which Lottos believed had been evacuated). It was shut down before Lottos could realize that the device had worked, but that the dimension it had opened a gateway to was the Nine Hells.

Was reactivated later thanks to the help of Verstaadt, allowing her to have a meeting with the rule of the Dimension, a halfling named Werric. This meeting allowed Verstaadt to obtain The Tome of the Demon Prince, a listing of The 140 original members of the city of Lindure who made a deal with the demon Asmodeus for an extreme amount of power.


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