Episode 0 - A Few Good Men (Adam GM 7/17/13)

Episode 0 - A Few Good Men (Adam GM 7/17/13)

A few good men meet at the Lucky Tiefling in the village of Jesnic. Abraham Goodspeed is a local hero. He and his cohorts are known and beloved in the town for protecting its citizens and looking out for their best interests. One member is actually a member of The Silver Scale. He's set up shop in Jesnic to seek a low profile during the purge.

Another paladin meets the group at the tavern. "We've sought you out because word of your heroic deeds have begun to spread. Chaos threatens to consume the eastern half of this country. Dorthone is in shambles. They are without a king. Their queen is missing. And the one elf who can unite the kingdom is missing… Along with his closest allies. We need you to search for these elves, and in doing so will help revive a dying kingdom. In return the Silver Scale and Dorthone will forever be in your debt. Your village will forever be under our protection. And your townspeople will never know want." he says. Goodspeed and his men agree to the task at hand.

The paladin reveals himself as Edgar Lighthammer.

"Your first contact will be a dwarf. You will find him in Gribale. He can supply you with more info. I believe he has been in direct contact with one of the elves that we seek. And gentlemen, be careful. The Mountainbeard is not to be crossed."

Goodpeed's Good Men are as follows:

Abraham Goodspeed, the half-elf warlord - Adam
August Justicar, the dragonborn paladin - Patrick
Door or Window, the tiefling rogue - Mike
Simon Hart, the human wizard - Keith
Thomas the Decent, the half-orc ranger - Shane

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