Goodspeed's Good Men - Episode 1

August is Impressed (Keith GM, 7/31/13)

The Good Men arrive in Gribale, not entirely impressed with the city. Having heard about how the city grew from nothing almost overnight, they expected more, not a town that looked like a seedier version of Jesnic. They head for the Happy Halfling, the bustling hub of activity in the city, to try to track down the man they call Mountainbeard.

The place is packed. There's a lot of gambling occuring. An all Gnome band (titled Gno Mercy) is placing on the stage. And the bar, sporting various artifacts (Such as an ornate Elvish tapestry, some fine quality gladiatorials arms and armors, and a dwarven axe apparently behind held by two dwarven hands) appears very crowded.

Door or Window immediately scopes out the thieves in the bar (spotting around 30 halflings pickpocketing). He begins to work through the crowd, stealing from the Hardbottle Thieves, and returning the money to those that had their purses pilfered.

August, Abraham, Simon, and Thomas make their way to the bar to ask the barkeep, Porter, about Mountainbeard. After some runaround, and asking for a bit of coin, he lets them know that Mountainbeard left two days before the party arrived, and that he left a package for them…in the sewer. One of his servants, Greenleaf (a tall halfling, or a short human), leads them to the entrance by the Willy Clark Griswald Memorial Gazebo. He tells them to be careful, and to ask for Tomleey.

While disabling the lock on the door to the sewer, Door or Window falls behind as the rest of the party moves through the sewers. August, in the lead, doesn't see the trap, but he hears the click, moments before nozzles pop out of the wall to douse the party in alcohol. A sign pops down from the ceiling that says "Go Away".

While scouting for additional traps, the party sees a halfling head pop around a corner. Door or Window, having discerned the location of the traps, takes chase. In the process he springs a multitude of traps, but runs fast enough to avoid the dangers.

Before he can round the corner, he hears the halfling's high pitch voice screaming out "Master! Master!" This is followed by a loud boom, and a billowing green smoke. Two older men begin argueing about the halfling, Tomleey, interrupting an experiment and causing it to fail. This causes Dareth, one of the wizards, to kick the young halfling across the room. Door or Window goes to cradle him, while the rest of the party arrives.

In the midst of arguing, and Saredawn examining Abraham for his exposure to the alcohol, Tomleey explains the situation. Mountainbeard left a package for the party, and was sorry he had to leave, but had other business to attend to. Inside the package is a map, leading to a manor on the edge of Dorthone, and several pins containing Mountainbeard's sigil, a mountain with an axe and hammer crossed over it.

Simon, believing the research that the two wizards are working on could benefit Jesnic, decides to stay and train, and aid in their experiments. Abraham makes a rousing speech for the good of Jesnic, and the rest of the party heads back to the surface to make preparations for the trip to Dorthone. Realizing that Thomas did not have enough supplies for the entire party, Abraham decides to head to the general store to purchase more supplies. August heads to the local temple, a dwarven temple dedicated to Moradin, to pray and seek assistance. Thomas distributes some of his supplies to the poor of the city, and Door or Window heads back to the tavern, to explain to individuals leaving why they are suddenly missing so much money.

Abraham, while haggling over price, notices that his coin purse is completely empty. Heading back to the tavern, Door or Window takes him inside to show him what to watch out for, what to be careful of, and steals enough money from the thieves in the tavern to replace the money he was missing. Dropping the money off on the bar for Abraham, Porter signals to the Hardbottles something to do with the two, and they quickly leave.

August has little luck in the temple, as the man in charge, a Dwarf cleric named Kinidod, claims they have very little to spare after having paid for a very expensive miracle (That of resurrection for Willy Clark Griswald), but he does manage to get a few days worth of rations. Having converged back in the town, the party realizes that Abraham's pack has been emptied, and his sword stolen. Heading into the weaponsmith, they see a halfling shop keep polishing Abraham's sword. When confronted (And slapped), the halfling escapes via a service tunnel, and flees to the tavern. The party escapes, but not before Door or Window wrecks the shop, Abraham finds a bag containing the contents of his pack, and Door or Window finds a worthwhile item.

5x Mountainbeard Pins (Party)
1x Paired Dagger +1 (Door or Window)
60 gold in arcane materials (Stolen from Dareth)
100 gold (Abraham, to replace the gold that was stolen)
4 days rations (August)

Quote of the night: "We're good men. We're not pussies though." - Door or Window

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