Goodspeed's Good Men Episode 3

Intimidation (Keith GM, 8/15/13)

After a joyous reconcilliation at Kalias' mansion, Palanir and Colour have spent the last bit discussing the plan of action in regards to the next member of the Col'm Shar the group is to "rescue"…Manthwe

Colour sits down at the dining room table. "The last I heard from Manthwe was a letter. He said he was giving up violence and that he would miss us."

Palanir interjects. "The last any of my contacts saw of him was him traveling north from Halton. I'm guessing he met with a guy we used to use for information, a halfling name Del. I've heard rumors of a city near the coast of retired adventurers, but I have no idea where it is."

Door or Window is quick to bring up his objections to all of this. After the dealings in Dorthone with Colour, he has begun to realize that the "Good Men" are extremely outclassed by the level of individual that they are dealing with.

Kalias does his best to soothe Door or Window's worries, informing him of the plan to donate 50,000 gold to the city of Jesnic, to improve the town and increase security. Door or Window immediately asks "When do we leave?"

In the midst of some bickering about whether or not to go through Gribale on their way to Halton, a shoving match breaks out between Thomas and Abraham. A lack of respect is implied, and Abraham takes excuse with being called a "half-elf" in a disparaging tone. Attempting to intimidate the group to following orders, he is tripped by Thomas, before Palanir and Colour break up the fight as August leaves in disgust. "Gentlemen, we're just trying to get our friends back. Please, settle your disputes. There is no need for this."

The group, with the exception of August, suits up in their Dorthonian uniforms, to ensure that they make it through the woods. Door or Window never removes his uniform, as they ride into Halton.

Halton is a terrible town. As long as any of the Good Men can remember, it has always been a terrible town…just different types of terrible.

The current type of terrible is the mood of a massive party, mixed with an odd cult. The cult of the Griswaldians. Everywhere you look, you see either drunk halflings, or preaching halflings…or both. As the party wades their way through the entrance to the city, one key thought crosses their mind. How exactly are you supposed to find a specific halfling in this mess?

Deciding to skip the Griswaldian taverns of The Fiery Flute, Willy's, and Clark's, Abraham and Thomas make their way into The Way Back Inn, which appears to be a non-Griswaldian establishment. August decides to check out the Doctor/Morgue/Undertaker's office, while Door or Window makes his way through the crowd, robbing any married individuals he finds in the Griswaldian orgy.

In the Way Back Inn, Abraham approaches the barkeep. There are only a handful of halflings in the building, and there is a large sign over the bar that states "NO GRISWALDIANS SERVED". The barkeep is muttering about the Griswaldians ruining this town, and points out Del to Abraham, whom Thomas is already heading toward.

When asked if Del is the man to come to for information, Del says "Maybe I am, maybe I'm not. Who is asking."

"We're looking for a man named Manthwe. We believe his life is in danger."

"Manthwe has always been good friend to Del. Manthwe came to see Del several months ago, looking for town of Rellin. I show him where Rellin is."

Del produces a map, showing the location of Rellin to the northwest of Buildar. Also noted on his map are information about the fallen dwarf kingdoms in the area, and notes about "New Buildar"

August encounters a ghoulish individual, who does not seem to know anything about Del. August is extremely unnerved and quickly leaves. He considers leaving to the church, until realizing it is a Griswaldian church. He approaches Door or Window, who is in the midst of trying to hook up with the most attractive halfling he can find. She asks if the two of them are adventurers, to which Door or Window sly tells her "Yea, we are in fact adventurers." This is met with a "I don't like adventurers…"

Door or Window shoves August away, and slyly drops his coin purse, which immediately attracts the attention of the girl, who leads him off to a campsite. After recovering from the "afterglow", Door or Window realizes that she has taken the majority of the gold in his coinpurse. He seeks through the crowd to find the girl, who is onto her next mark. Stealing his gold, and punching him in the face to "warn" him of her dangers, he then demands his money back. "I'll make you a deal. Trade me what you took from him for what I took from you."

"Deal. But I'm taking 10%". "5". "7.5%". "Deal."

While this is going on, yet another arguement has broken out between Abraham and Thomas, this time about Abraham wanting to be intimate with a horse. Abraham once again tries to intimidate Thomas into falling in line, but is informed that he is no longer intimidating. This argument attracts the attention of a large group of Griswaldians, and Door or Window begins taking bets, eventually putting 120 gold down on Abraham. Weapons are drawn, and Thomas does quite a bit of damage to Abraham, before Abraham is able to land a good shot on this sword. Thomas admits "You don't hit as much like a girl as I thought you would.", and the two patch up their differences, earning Door or Window 600 gold.

Door or Window keeps thinking about the girl, and runs back to woo her. She tells him that her name is Amber, and that she is trying to raise up enough gold to leave this life and settle down. Door or Window tells her that he knows of a place, and she tells him to come back for her when he finds it. The party saddles up, and rides out.

On the journey, just past Buildar, you encounter what appears to be an individual being robbed by four armed men. The man is wearing rags, but is carrying a shield and has a sword that he has not drawn. He is handing them what little gold he has, and they look very disappointed by the amount.

Upon seeing the party, one of the men will panic and run north. The other three will yell at him for being a coward, and turn their attention (And their swords) toward the party.

"This here is property of the Seaside Protection Agency. You is tresspassing…we're gonna need you to pay the fine."

Door or Window tries to make for a peaceful end to this situation, and Thomas fires a warning shot at the man that appears to be the leader…that goes astray, and pegs the man in the leg. The other two bandits run.

Abraham goes to the man that was being robbed, and starts to talk to him. He says his name is Jonathan, and that he is from Steadhelm. He is looking for a town named Rellin, as he is an exile from the Steadhelm military, which he claims sends men to their death.

Abraham wants to believe him, but is cautious about leading, or escorting, someone into the town that may be searching for the town to do it ill will. He doesn't completely trust Jonathan's motives, and refuses to show him the map that the party received from Del.

Door or Window makes it clear. They are on horseback, and plan on riding to the town. They do not intend to slow down for the man, but Abraham says that they will leave a trail for him to follow.

August tends to the wound the bandit received, and forces him to renounce the bandit group he is a part of. He forces the man to agree to serve Jonathan for a period of one year, and with that, the party sets out.

They follow the men that fled, until they make a sharp turn into the forest. The party rides on, determined to find Rellin.

Encountering the location Del had marked on his map, there is no town to be seen, just a storm giant making camp. Thomas immediately begins to study the map, trying to figure out if they are in the right location, when he realizes that the shore line doesn't match up. The shore he is seeing is much sharper inland than the map.

Abraham wonders if the giant speaks common, and Door or Window tires of the games. He shouts at the giant, asking "Hey do you know where Rellin is?"

The giant throws a thunderbolt at the party, sailing over their heads.

Door or Window makes a guess at what is going on, and rides into the sea…which reveals itself to be an illusion, revealing the real town. The bells in the town begin ringing, and the villagers make their way out of their cottages. Several individuals quickly make their way to the party, lead by a shifter and a githzerai.

"What are you doing here?"

August reveals himself as a member of the Silver Scale, and the party reveals their Mountainbeard pins, and the group is lead into the center of the town. They are met by two elves, one wrapped in robes, and another in typical ranger gear.

"Manthwe? We believe your life is in danger."

The town bells start ringing again.

Manthwe looks up with the party, and sees a large group of individuals coming into the village. "I know…Madyrn warned me that Seras was on his way."

"We have to get you out of here."

"No…this ends here. We have a plan."

Many of the villagers charge the group. Leading the pack is Madyrn, who tackles Seras. In the blink of an eye, the two disappear, and reappear above the ocean, crashing into the water.

The second in command of the group, a man in platemail armor, immediately charges August, determined to aid his master in the extermination of the Silver scale. He lands a good blow on August, poisoning the paladin, before succumbing to the assault from the Good Men.

The villagers take care of the rest of Seras' men with the help of the Good Men.

Abraham is adamant. "Manthwe we have to get you out of here. This place isn't safe now that they know you are here."

"Not until we find Madyrn."

Abraham is exhausted. "She sacrificed herself for you. What would she want you to do?"

Breathing a heavy sign, Manthwe looks off to the ocean. "Let's go."

Map of northern Taern, showing the location of Rellin.
2500 gold from Kalias.
120 gold from Amber (Turned into 600 gold from betting)
250 gold from the bandits.
Poisoned longsword (Taken by Thomas)

Quotes of the night:
"You heard that. Charlie just called you a bitch." -Shane
"Would you like me to hold your sword for you?" (In reference to going through Gribale), -Thomas
"We've got a job to do, get your shit together" - Thomas
"As a member of the Silver Scale it is my duty to help you. I'm leaving." - August
"Woah boys, stop. My man's working" (In reference to Door or Window working on Amber) - Thomas
"You're not a nice person" - Everyone

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