A town in the southeastern part of the continent of Taern

Key player in the war between the elves of Dorthone and the orcs of the Bludchok'Hai


The people of Gribale have long been known as simple folk unfortunately located too close to a battle that has taken place for many years: the Dorthone elves and Bludchok'Hai orcs who fight for supremacy not far east of where Gribale lies. Citizens in Gribale want no part of the war, but the close proximity with which they live to it has caused the villagers to be of tougher character than what one would expect from their appearance. Many of Gribale have lost someone to the orc raids, which have plagued the town off and on for years. Perhaps this has influenced the Gribale citizens’ thinking and not many born there ever feel the need to adventure out on their own, despite the mountains close to the west, and the battles and ocean close to the east. Unfortunately the simple, small living, and close proximity to danger has hurt the town’s ability to attract people, and thus hurt the economy as well. Many of the citizens are poor, but continue with their hard work and farming and try their best to pay the rest of the world no mind.

It may have been this simple life of Gribale that attracted the Hardbottle Thieves Guild to the town. Many con artists have passed through Gribale, taking advantage of the good-natured people, but never staying for too long because of the small population. The Hardbottle Thieves Guild changed that and became the first known organized crime to set up shop in Gribale. Fortunately for the town’s people their stay was short-lived, and although many do not know for certain what the cause of their departure was, there is talk that it has to do with the new businessman by the name of Porter who has not been in town too long himself. True to their nature the citizens don’t pry into this bit of business, for they know that business now in the town is good.


Season One - Rising Power in Gribale

Episode 1 - The Death of a Prince, The Rise of a Thief (Jared GM - 12/2002)

Episode 2 - Porter's Last Dungeon Crawl (Jared GM - 12/2002)

Episode 3 - The Circus and Some Orcs Come to Town (Jared GM - 1/2003)

Episode 4 - Gribale in Ruins, Gribale Celebrates (Josh GM - 1/2003)

Episode 5 - The Victory and Loss of Dorthone (Jared GM - 1/2003)

Season Two - Paying the Piper

Episode 1 - TBA (Keith GM - TBA)

Residents of Gribale

  • Porter - Human Rogue - A one-time petty thief by the name of Porter has seemingly risen from nowhere to become a great businessman and politician of the town, taking ownership of The Happy Halfling bar and inn and expanding it from it’s previous small bar/restaurant first floor, and three room inn second floor to a four story bar/casino/brothel/thirty room inn. He also acquired the town market (now named Dem Apples Market), and gazebo (now known as The Willy Clark Griswald Memorial Gazebo). Is currently awaiting 250,000 gold as payment from the Dorthone elves for his use of warriors during the orc seige of the elven kingdom, and looking to expand his businesses and the small town of Gribale.
  • Ellias Lagorn - Elven Fighter - Ellias is from the elven kingdom of Dorthone. On the outside Ellias is a warrior fighting for his kingdom. However Ellias’ mission was to spy on his homeland, the only holdout in the elf/orc alliance which would bring a much needed cease fire, and some tactical help for the elves. Having done so, and partaking in a heist that relieved his people of any funds to hold out any longer, Ellias decides he wants out. He no longer feels he can play both sides, even if he believes it is for a good purpose that will save many lives. The death of his halfling bard friend has weighed heavily on him. Now Ellias is on a quest to redeem himself, especially to his home of Dorthone.
  • Kinidod - Dwarven Cleric of Moradin - Kinidod was a dwarven cleric, sent to the town of Gribale to investigate the disappearance of a young prince from the mountain town of Krell Caverns, as well as the first rescuer whom was dispatched. The first rescuer met the untimely end of his rescue mission, as well as his life, when after an alteration with Porter, owner of the Happy Halfing, his hands were cut off, and his axe hung above the bar. Kinidod doesn't know about any of this, and is happy with Porter and his crew. He is in the process of constructing a Dwarven temple in the town, and to recruit more clerics for their gang. His main quest remains finding Prince Bragor and returning him to the Krell Caverns.
  • Willy Clark Griswald - Halfling Bard - Willy was a famous bard known mainly for his great flute playing but was also known to be a very charismatic and funny comedic performer. Although not from Gribale (When he wasn't traveling the land performing, he resided in the outpost of Halton) the famous Griswald gave his final great performance in the Gazebo of the town, an event that has caused many fans to visit the area, to see the performance hall named after the halfling. Willy died in the orc siege of the Kingdom of Dorthone. His death had lasting impact on Ellias Lagorn, and the elf could think of little else but resurrecting his bard friend. After cutting off Willy's finger and failing to get him resurrected by the great cleric Octorus, Ellias was informed by the cleric that Willy's soul was being protected by the gods and that there must be a specific time and place meant for Griswald's return. That time came upon The Hardbottle Thieves reporting back to Porter that Willy's beloved flute was found unharmed in a fire that tore down a mansion. Ellias made it a point to track the flute and was able to follow The Lady with Red Hair to The Keep of The Crimson Strand, where The Hardbottle Thieves do what they did best… took what they wanted. Willy's return was met swiftly by a celebration by his followers, though he quickly denounced them after their part in the murder of Mountainbeard. It is yet to be seen why the gods would protect Willy's soul until now and what he was meant to do in Buildar.
  • Vangustius Manus - Human Gladiator - Vangustius came upon the town of Gribale in a most unusual way, he was accompanying a circus caravan as both guard and gladiator in their gladiatorial entertainment. He was a strong competitor, known for his abilites with a sword both in close combat and at range. To accomodate this he carried multiple gladius' into combat throwing a few then rushing and finishing his opponent with his blade. This all changed however when he came to Gribale and met a man named Porter and decided to leave the circus to find fame and riches in other venues. When word of war reached Gribale between the elves and orcs Vangustius saw this as his first moment to prove his abilites as a tactician and build his name for being a respected warrior. While Porter and his band negotiated with the elves, Vangustius kept the elves busy with his intricate preperations for battle. Vangustius's tactics worked and made the battle many times easier for the elves creating major casualties before the orcs even reached the elves first lines. Vangustius is now planning on semi-settling and building his own coliseum with his cut of the money from the battle as well as running protection for Porter and his gang.
  • Draconis the Dwarf - Dwarf Ranger - Obviously a dwarf, and judging by his tattoos, is obviously obsessed with dragons. Draconis is a ranger by trade and mostly uses his tracking skills to try and find dragons to mate with, but sometimes he has to use them for coin. Coin that can then be used to bribing a dragon to mate with him. It was that very reason that Draconis threw in with The Secret Hardbottle Thieves, a mission put together for reasons at first unknown to Draconis, but would later prove to be The Hardbottle Heist of a Life. Fought valiantly againt dwarven clerics to find Octorus who led them on the path to finding The Flute in The Crimson Strand Keep… which of course led to Draconis putting his dragon wrestling skills to the test against a giant snake, with his chain being the end of that beast's life. In the end Draconis played an integral part in The Resurrection of Willy Clark Griswald, and for that Porter's Gang can look past the dragon obsession.
  • Greenleaf - Halfling Rogue - May not even be a Halfling, maybe just a short Human. He swears that this was the only reason that The Hardbottle Thieves wouldn't accept him, "due to my being a tall bastard", and this led him to seeking an opportunity with Porter to prove his thieving skills. That opportunity ended up being what led to The Resurrection of Willy Clark Griswald. Though at first quite inexperienced with the combat that inevitably comes from rolling with The Hardbottle Thieves (as proven by his incompetence in the seizing of Octorus' cabin), Greenleaf proved himself by saving Porter from certain death by the last of The Crimson Strand enemies at The Keep, a dragonborn fighter who got the drop on Porter after the great battle with the giant snake. Greenleaf has since taken pride in being a member of Porter's Secret Hardbottle Thieves branch.
  • Limrock - Dwarf Cleric - Initially a cleric training under Octorus, Limrock found himself mainly patrolling the wise old cleric's compound. When Porter's gang came seeking help with The Resurrection of Willy Clark Griswald, they got an unexpected protege in Limrock. The young dwarf decided to leave Octorus employ to get more hands-on study from Kinidod who was in the process of opening a monastery in Gribale. He has since become Kinidod's first apprentice and accompanied Porter's gang in their mission at The Crimson Strand Keep.
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