A cult of halflings inspired by the sacrifice of the bard Willy Clark Griswald. Tend to show up in cities and drink every bit of alcohol that they can get their hands on. Seen as a nuisance to most of eastern Taern, though often a good source of revenue when they arrive, many towns have taken to holding festivals to try to control the timing of Griswaldian invasions.

A dangerous event occured in Buildar when a Griswaldian swarm arrived. During the stay of a small group, a fire at the mansion of Randolf Percius revealed the presence of a flute, believed to belong to the late Willy Clark Griswald. A large flood of halflings invaded the town in an event known as the Griswaldian Critical Mass. They refused to drink, or party, and began to demand the death of Percius for his possession of the flute. The crowd was only calmed by the reappearance of Willy himself.

Currently based in Willy's hometown of Halton, it is advised travelers avoid the city unless they are prepared to handle the swarm.

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