Gwil Goldensong

Dwarf Bard, Beguiler - Patrick in The Kings of Krell Caverns


The hill Dwarves of the Fenglennary Highlands have always been seen as a bit… undwarflike. For one they lived in houses. Not stone houses underneath a mountain, mind you. But actual above ground houses with thatched roofs. They lived in these odd wooden houses in scattered villages across the highlands, tending to flocks of sheep or their short and very hairy cows. They were also known to mine tin and other above ground minerals, something that completely mystifies your typical through-and-through mountain dwarf.

Gwil Goldensong is more than a bit undwarflike. One could even say that he is decidedly so. Where many dwarves are stoic, Gwil is boisterous. He is a man who takes great pleasure in wine, women, and especially song. Though King of the Fenglennary clans, he often travels from village to village away from his hill fort, upon a particularly fluffy cow whom he calls King Bovus, to sing bawdy songs in taverns, shower his peoples with small gifts and drink, and find someone's comfortable bed to spend the night in. He is a rover, through and through. He is also not the most pious of Kings, and more than once has a priest of Moradin been the butt of one of his mischievous tricks or pranks.

He is fond of adventure, and this is where the tragedy got it's start. Situated to the north of the Fenglennary Highlands is a vast track of empty lands, mostly rocks, hills, and small patches of pine trees. Within this land are the ruins of ancient civilizations, long forgotten. Many of them are said to be haunted, and are targeted by adventurers hoping to score relics to sell. Within this land are the Purple Barrows, small ruined hilltombs called such because of the strange purple hue given to the grass that grows. These hills have stone vault doors in their sides, and are said the be really really haunted.

Gwil enjoyed joining adventurers into the ruins of that empty land, never of course telling them that he was a king. One particular adventure in recent time brought him to these barrows. Something happened there, something dark and so traumatic that the joyous dwarf will go gray in the face and silent when his thoughts turn to it. He hasn't told anyone exactly what, but everyone knows that it was the start of the troubles.

Mists have ever after clung to the Highlands, and many a sheep and cow have been lost, each one more precious for the others lost. Children have gone missing as well. And things, dark shapes, haunt the mists just on the edge of vision. And they come at night.

Villages have been attacked, and strange howls and moans pierce the evenings. Many of the villagers have fled to stronger holds, leaving hut and farm abandoned. Gwil opened his Hill Fort to all, but without shepherds in the field or miners on the rocks the kingdom is growing lean indeed. His people began to blame him for it, blaming his flightiness and his indiscretion to send whatever doom down upon them from the ancient world. Finally, without a plan or a force of arms to drive back the darkness, he gives in to internal pressure and goes to the Krell Caverns, to convene with the other Dwarf Kings under the sight of Moradin.




  • Fenglennary Highlands
  • Krell Cavern's


  • King
  • Wandering Rover
  • Bedwarmer
  • Scoundrel
  • Vagabond
  • Pretty Good Cook
  • Knows a Song or Two
  • Cow Aficianado
  • Wine Taster
  • Wit for Hire
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