Halmarst Secure and Safe Passage Guild

Halmarst is a travelling company best known for their brute force and near limitless supply of intimidating monster of men who like nothing more than to put their lives on the line for those they have been hired to accompany. With this being their greatest asset, Halmarst is known for taking a less complicated and more direct route to whatever the destination may be. The bandits they meet on the road be damned. Halmarst has yet to meet anyone that has posed a threat to them on the road.

The flip side of Halmarst and direct competitor in providing cross-country escort services is Temparlo, who differ with more elaborate routes but less hired muscle. Members and fans of Halmarst see Temparlo's methods as weak and unsafe for the passengers. Temparlo, not surprisingly, accuses Halmarst of being unsafe for passengers as well… but in this case, due to the unnecessary risks Halmarst takes in direct confrontation with whatever is in their way. Halmarst counters that Temparlo's elaborate routes put strain and risk to their passengers and that they are just serving the will of their customers.

Members of Halmarst Secure and Safe Passage Guild

Erick Tansd – Male HalfOrc warlord assigned to lead security force for Halmarst crew.

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